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Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Changes Up Her Look
Blair and Karizma will never be on her level,hell Rihanna couldn't even make Chris leave her,Kae got the cars,the cards,the jewelry,the vacations,all the perks.What Blair and Karizma got awe a ... Does that mean he will marry her? Not really ...

Quinn doesn't win; Voters want a change of direction
As his partner, John Turner, gave him a hug, Cominskie said they had hoped a Mayor Quinn would marry them, but that they'll still probably ask her to do the honors. Right before Quinn gave ... Later on, outside P.S. 3 on Hudson St., as the polls were ...
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5 Reasons Every Woman Should Have a Male Friend
In the morning, I'd be king of the hill, the neighborhood kids my slaves and by late afternoon, I'd be a burglar getting away with loot (carefully returning the contents of my mother's jewelry box before she came home). I'd watch girls on the ...
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