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Question by Heather: What would you put on a wedding registry for a couple who have been together for 8 years?
Ok so 8 years and 3 kids later my best friend is getting married yay! Only issue were really haveing is the gift registry, she has all the normal things you would see on a wedding registry. So any ideas on what to put on this blasted thing?

Best answer:

Answer by Don Smith
Money or a gift card

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Comments (14)

  1. katie2008

    Why are you fretting about her registry? It’s up to her what she lists.

    On a side note: to me, registries are rude. You should NEVER tell people what to buy for you.

  2. Paula

    I would tell the bride that if she wants a registry she should make the list herself.

  3. Mary

    difficult they are sometimes are ok so times are a nightmare , as i well know for expeerience , just get there before all the cheap items are gone lol

  4. Barbara B

    Put nothing. After 8 years and 3 kids, she doesn’t need a registry.

    Remember, gifts are not required for entrance to a wedding. She should not request nor demand gifts.

  5. monique

    I would say that if they are already living together they would proberly have most things you would traditionally buy for a newly married couple, so why not give them money and they could use that towards a honeymoon or something that will be wanted/needed.

  6. Blunt

    Your “friend” should not have a registry as she has an established household and children already. It is shameful. If she has any sense of decorum, your “friend” should not have a registry and hope people give you monetary gifts or whatever the guests feel it is appropriate given the situation.

    Good luck

  7. krissylyn

    Are you helping her with the registry and that’s why you’re asking? If I were you I would tell her a couple of things:

    1. Of course she should “get” a registry if she’s getting married – It doesn’t matter if they’ve been together for 8 years or 8 days. People getting married do registries. It is not rude, it is a practical and common place occurrence. I mean who is really going to draw a line and say – “No, since you’ve been living with this guy for 8 years, you don’t get a registry – now, had you only been living with him for 3 years, that would be a different story”? No one who cares about the bride, that’s for sure.

    2. She probably doesn’t need a lot of the more durable things (appliances), since she’s been “keeping her own house” for awhile now, but I am sure she could use new towels, sheets, pillows, blankets, kitchen linens, etc. – things that wear out. She should also take this opportunity to add true gift items that she’d never buy herself to the registry – those crystal wine glasses she always wanted or the china pattern she’s always dreamed of.

    3. Just because she registers for the items does not mean that her guests are required to look at it, much less buy anything off of it. It just means it’s there if people seek it out and want an idea of a gift.

  8. Mom of 2

    I wouldn’t even bother with a registry after living together for 8 years. Most people will either send a card or check since they don’t need anything and are “just making it official”.

  9. Woods

    Don’t worry about registering. If people want to give gifts, chances are they will give money.

  10. Common Sense

    I would go for practical things to upgrade what I already have. Eight years together and three kids later means things at home are getting old and warn out.

    I would begin at the curb:

    A new pretty mail box
    A bench for the yard or porch
    If they own a home, a fruit tree or a flowering bush or 100 daffodils
    A wreath for the door
    A new door mat

    Inside the house:

    An indoor bench with storage underneath
    An inside door mat
    A standing coat rack

    In the Bathroom:

    New towels
    New cup and tooth brush holders
    New towel bars
    New bath mats
    New Shower Curtain

    In the Bedroom:

    New pillows
    New sheets
    New blankets
    A bed tray

    In the Kitchen:

    All matching glassware or even plasticware
    New dishes
    New cast iron pan
    New toaster oven
    New kitchen towels and linens


    New outdoor plates and cups
    Grilling utensils, a light for the grill
    Outdoor furniture
    Outdoor table linens
    A croquette set
    A garden bench
    An outdoor rug for the deck

  11. Jewelle

    Setup an account with the bride’s favorite charity, and let people know that they can donate to the charity instead of buying a gift as the couple already has a household full of items. Then they can still send thank you notes, and the good intentions of the guests can be appreciated by someone in need.

  12. The Original GarnetGlitter

    She already hs a entire household ‘set-up’……a registry at this point looks like a blatant grab for free gifts.

    Skip the her case having one is in very poor taste.

  13. Perse

    I wouldn’t have one. Wow! That would be a ballsy move. She has already set up a home and had a family to boot, she doesn’t need charity.

  14. pretty + poisonous

    Kama Sutra if she doesn’t already have it :)