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Question by U make me smile!: What's a good wedding gift for someone you met four months ago?
Plus, what's a good wedding gift in general. I got invited to a wedding and I have no idea what to get the couple(especially being on a college- student budget). Any suggestions?

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Answer by ChessQueen
Simple but lovely photo album or photo frame. Even though it'd been good if it said "Wedding" on the front, Try to keep it plain or simple.
So maybe future in the future, when they go overseas, have a baby, etc. They can store their photos in it.

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  1. weather mime

    A card -for sure- and maybe some cookbooks, candles, or photo albums (empty). If you go to Bed Bath and Beyond or something similar, you can ask someone who works there the same question and they will probably be able to point you in the direction of something appropriate within your price range

  2. jud

    I think you should get them a book with beautiful photographs of the different parts of the world, so they might want to travel to those places together, and it’s also something that they can put on their coffee table for everyone else to see.

  3. Jenny Lynne

    I personally like a crystal/glass 8 x 10 picture frame with wedding bells or something engraved on it. Believe it or not we have a Belks here and they have a lots of nice things like this for a very reasonable price. A nice piece of crystal, glass candlesticks, candy dish. Most wedding gifts are a little more fancy, ie, not dish cloths, etc. Depending on your budget I have seen a nice set of white towels with the last name initial embroidered on them. They come pre-made this way. Places like T.J. Maxx, Hobby Lobby have a lots of things. A neutral color candle holder. I like Belks because a lots of things are pre-boxed, they have one on display. A nice vase, usually something they will use for special occiasions in the future. Crystal salt and pepper shakers. Just look around.

  4. Angela

    ask mutual friends what they are getting, that might give you some good ideas. i would find out where they are registered, and see if there are some small items listed you could buy, for example if they are listed at target they might have an affordable blender listed or oven mitts, or some utensils, you could buy a few of like serving spoons, can opener, etc. don’t feel pressured to spend too much, after all, like you said you are a student and you haven’t known them for too long, I’m sure they don’t expect a plasma TV or a mattress from you! :)

    A little suggestion, if you buy oven mitts, can opener, dish towel etc. or other little things that go together it would be cute to arrange it in a nice little basket or tin or something and wrap it in clear plastic wrap like a gift basket! :)

    also, something i noticed down beneath my question, i don’t recommend a bed in a bag set. you can’t be sure what kind of bed they have (full, king queen? deep sheets vs. extra long etc) also bedding is kind of a weird gift for someone you’ve known only a few months. That is something intimate that they probably already picked out together. not to mention, a nice set for a double bed will probably cost way more than 60$

    also, for Pete’s sake, do you see how many people are suggesting picture frames and photo albums? (no offense, they are nice to have!) but imagine how many the happy couple is already getting. be original and go for something else!

    anyway, Have Fun picking the gift out and going to the wedding!! :)

  5. shamrockbaby87

    Wedding gifts are always optional. The only time you’re required to purchase a gift for a bride is when you accept an invitation to her bridal shower (because the point of the shower is to get gifts, whereas the point of the wedding is to celebrate their marriage). So if you can’t afford a gift, don’t purchase one. If you want to buy them a gift though, call her up and ask her where she’s registered. Viewing the registry list will allow you to see what she wants that you can afford. If she didn’t register anywhere, a bottle of wine, a nice vase, a photo album, a card with some money in it, or a classic, neutral piece of wall art are pretty safe ideas for almost any couple.

  6. Yolanda R

    Really it depends on a few things. If you consider this person a close associate? And how much you are willing to spend. Any type of small appliance is good. A blender, coffee maker, spatula set, 25.00 gift card? If you really like this person and don’t think they just added you to the guest list for a gift, a decent bed in a bag. Home Goods have them some good ones I should say for about 60.00. Maybe a nice picture frame. His and her towel set? IDK. I’m sure you’ll think of something. You could even buy a gift card to a restaurant or even movie tickets.

  7. b2b 5/2/10

    i’d go with something off the registry…

  8. Nora

    silver picture frame, scrapbook, crystal vase, crystal coasters, 2 wine glasses, kitchen tools, candles, set of his and hers towels.

  9. sophiieee :D

    a nice photo frame of album.

  10. Alex Xander

    In my opinion the gift you can’t go wrong with in an occasion like this would be offering them a 100% hand-made painting from their favorite photo. Here’s the source I used for my sister’s wedding gift:

  11. Wendy A

    A really nice photo frame so they can put a wedding shot in it….

  12. Snickers

    There are some good suggestions but what ever you do please, please, please, please don’t get them a photo album or frame!!!!!!!!!! Look how many people suggested it so that will give you an idea of how many people give them. Due to the nature of my husbands job (pastor) I get invited to a gazillion showers and weddings. One thing most of them have in common is an abundance of picture frames as gifts. I’ve actually had brides ask me in all seriousness what they’re supposed to do with them all. They say they don’t want to re-gift them because that would just be putting others in the same predicament they are in!
    If the couple likes to cook then give them an unusual cooking/kitchen gadget (an electric egg boiler comes to mind), or some unique cookbooks, nice candle sticks or even a gift certificate. You’ll find something that will fit your budget and be appreciated by the couple!! :-)

  13. denise

    If they are a new relations, then just give a bath towel set or something like a spice containers for the kitchen. You don’t know them well enough yet to buy something too expensive.

  14. cwright04

    One of our favorite gifts was a “date night” gift set: it had a cute card which said successful marriages are made up of lots of dates, $ 10 starbucks gift card, couple of movie passes with concession stand credit, coldstone ice cream gift card. It was super cute, fun, and low cost for the buyer!