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Question by NoirTulips: Is it a big issue to have a weekday wedding reception?
Most of the people i will be inviting will be living in the same city with the exception of couple of our relatives coming from out of state.I am planning on having my wedding reception at the Vizcaya museum and gardens in Miami and its a hefty price but if i get married on a weekday i will only have to pay 7,500 vs 12,500 on the weekend which i need with all the permit fees they strap on.Is it a bad idea to have a wedding on a Thursday?

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Answer by lalala
It's not bad as long as you accept that some of your guests may not be able to come due to work.

You chose a great place to have your wedding, though. Vizcaya is beautiful.

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  1. le00001

    I got married on a Friday and hardly anyone showed even though I made the reception time so that if people couldn’t get off work they could come after. I made 200 invites and had 35 chairs filled. If you make a big deal about it then you could fill the seats, but if you don’t really push it no one will come.

  2. nova_queen_28

    Its not a bad idea, but I defnitely wouldn’t make it run too late as most guests will want to leave earlier as it is a work night. Others may choose to not attend.
    If I were you, I would check with your wedding party and closest family/friends to make sure the date would be OK with them – if it is, then just do it and let the guests choose to accept or decline the invite.

  3. B2B 5-29-10

    Thats fine.If they cant attend thats there problem.The couple shouldn’t have to put themselves in debt just because theres a chance some guests wont be able to make it.

  4. ask a question, get an answer

    It’s a big deal to take time off for a wedding on a weekday, even if it’s in the evening. People won’t stay late and will probably leave early, or they might not be able to make it at all. If you want a weekday reception, maybe you should consider a Friday.

    Think of it as throwing a party. You wouldn’t throw a Thursday evening party and expect all your friends and family (even if they do live in the same city) to be able to make it, would you?

    There is a reason that Saturday weddings are much more popular (and therefore more expensive). It’s because many more guests can actually attend and enjoy themselves.

    Yes, it’s your wedding and you can do what you want (or afford). But if you have your wedding on a Thursday, expect roughly half as many guests as you would expect on a Saturday. Overall, I would strongly advise against a weekday wedding.

  5. PugMom

    Well honestly, if I was invited to a Thursday wedding, I would be a little disappointed that we would not be able to celebrate as you would a weekend wedding. Most people will be concerned about getting home from work and getting to the wedding on time as well as leaving early to get up for work in the morning. A weekday wedding is less formal and people will dress as such, in case you’re going for a certain “look”. And quite honestly, people will know you’re doing it on a Thursday because it’s cheaper and will give you less. I know it’s not about the gifts, etc, etc, but it is true. Just some things to think about.

    (Totally my opinion and only my opinion, I do not pretend to speak for anyone but myself.)

  6. Bambi Berkowicz

    Much depends on the time of day. If you have an evening event that is after most people’s work hours, I think your attendance will be fine. If it’s during the day, you may be disappointed in how few people attend.

  7. jewell

    tell everyone in advance so they can request the next day off and have it in the evening I honestly don’t have a problem with it I know a lot of hatin a** Bi**Hes so that’s why I’m not doing it but you know what, do what works for you because now Im way over my budget and its killing me. its completely fine do it but that means you have to make it the bomb because its alot of haters especially the ones with a man but aren’t getting married anytime soon

  8. D4Pres2012

    it’s fine to have it on a weekday, everyone will know you saved a load of money and in this economy, that deserves a lot of respect.

  9. shannon052865

    It shouldnt be a problem. Just make sure you get your invitations out well in advance. that way people have plenty of time to request the day off or anyother plans that they need to make to be there.