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Question by LiKe WhAtEvEr: How do I have a cheap wedding reception in Chicago?
I'm getting married in Vegas on April 1st. I want to come back and have a wedding reception for about 75 people with only 1500 bucks! Can it be done? I don't drink at all but I did want my guests to have the option at least for like an hour. Anyhoo, let me know if anyone knows something about Chicago that I don't!

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Answer by Not-a-Troll-JustHaveOpinions
In Chicago? HA! That is not even a possibility!

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  1. nova_queen_28

    Chicago, 75 people, $ 1,500. That is only $ 20 per person. Most liquor packages are right around that price (or more) per hour.
    I’m sorry, but you need to rethink your plan, and alcohol – unless you provide it – should be out.

    Is there anyone’s home you could use for free? Or a community hall you could get for very little money?
    If yes, you could get some things at your local Costco/BJ’s/Sam’s Club or Grocery Store and make this work: cold cut platters or little sandwich platters, cheese & veggie trays, go for a sheet cake rather than a regular tiered wedding cake. Have the party mid-afternoon so nobody expects a full meal. IF the place permits you to bring liquor, you might have a little money to buy some, but you don’ t have to.