Marilyn Stowe is a top divorce lawyer

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Marilyn Stowe is a top divorce lawyer
Before leaving the country, consider entering into a postnuptial agreement (like a prenuptial agreement, but one that takes place after the wedding), which sets out where a divorce would take place, where the children would live and how a financial ...
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Divorcing baby boomers seize the moment to go it alone
They are called the "silver splitters", or grey divorcees. They are the baby boomers who have it all and still aren't happy, at least not together. As the divorce rate drops among other age groups, the rate of separations between couples in their 50s ...
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Digital divorces soar after legal aid removal said 65 per cent of all UK divorce applications are by women. But when it comes to online, 51 per cent are from blokes. The firm's consultant Susan Eskinazi warned not every case will be suitable for an electronic divorce. But she ...
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