Marriage: One man and one woman is one of the most beautiful things in history. Do you not agree?

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Question by Martin Neville: Marriage: One man and one woman is one of the most beautiful things in history. Do you not agree?
I believe among all things in nature, the union of marriage, the joining of one man and one woman into matrimony is one of the most beautiful things in history. When God created the world, he created one man and then one woman to be his mate, his wife, and from there came the generations of people and families.

How one man and one woman can fall in love, marry, and have a family is one of the great legacies of the ages. Think about it being a great gift of nature and truly one of the great human traits. My view of marriage is extremely high. It should be valued as gold, the marriage of one man and one woman.

Does anyone have similar views? Do you agree its a beautiful union?

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Answer by Lets go Kyrah
Maimonides says no and he is smarter than you are

What do you think? Answer below!

blessed with love
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we were asked by the cfc community to do a full coverage of the mass wedding at the parish. the other day we took their prenups and last night was the big day, finally the 11 couples kneel down before god to ask that they become one on the holy matrimony.

here are some of the shots i took last night... these are cropted and post processed versions... haven't got the time to run through all the photos yet.

Taken: 24 June 2009
Photo: Kenji Punzalan


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Comments (10)

  1. Rob the Baptist

    That’s the way God intended it,but with gay marriage and men and woman divorcing for small problems seems like marriage in this day is a joke to many.

  2. Bethany

    Yes, being gay is completely against God’s word and nature.

  3. Egophile

    A marriage between two men or two women would be just as beautiful, since I can see what you’re getting at.

    And marriage has a pretty ugly past…

    Marriage isn’t an intrinsically good thing, either. Complete stangers can and have marry, people have been married off against their will. Children have been forced to marry older men.

    Love’s the real beautiful thing in marriage, not the marriage itself.

  4. Seto-sama #1

    You woudn’t say the same for lesbian porn though.

    Equal rights for everyone!

  5. Puff the Magic Dragon

    I don’t think you have any right to condemn anyone based on whom they choose to fall in love with or decide to marry. That isn’t your call.

  6. Alexis De Tocqueville

    The O/T concept of marriage was more about property rights rather than the gooey crap you’re talking about.

    Do some research instead of pretending you understand a book which you have not read.

  7. Lucy

    No, I disagree with you. Do you believe that people who purposely decide not to have children should not be able to get married?

    And if you feel that strongly about it, why aren’t you out there trying to make divorce illegal? I simply cannot understand why people are so up-in-arms about same-sex marriage and how it’s going to “destroy marriage as we know it” and have nothing to say about divorce. Anyone who does that is being totally hypocritical.

  8. Joseph

    Yes, this is the idealistic state of a family.
    However ideals cannot always be practical. The passion that may dominate a male might not make this possible, and the expectations that a female might have could break a matrimonial bond as well.
    The relationship between a man and a woman always test the loving nature that they have for each other, which many a time cannot hold for long.
    Yes one man and one woman is the best bond, when love is meant to last.

  9. Honest Opinions

    Marriage isn’t a gift of nature. Marriage is a man-made concept. Animals don’t get married. Marriage only exists within the human world, in the form of a legal/religious ceremony/contract. I don’t find it particularly beautiful, though it depends on how well it’s carried out. What you’re talking about is sex, mostly.

    So, is sex beautiful? Sure, I guess, though saying so makes you sound like a massive pervert. And, eh, love does not exclusively happen between men and women. People of the same-sex can also love each other.

  10. Azusa Nakano is God

    I agree, but just because something isn’t pretty doesn’t mean we should ban it.