Most popular 30th Wedding Vows auctions

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Some recent 30th wedding vows auctions on eBay:

Question by Cade: What is something that can be engraved or personalized with a LONG statement instead of just a name.?
I want to get my wedding vows put on something nice for my wife, but everything I look at for engraving is either too small or like $ 30 a letter (Would cost upwards of $ 3,000 for me to pay per letter).

Any ideas for something that can be personalized but will not break the bank? I want to spend >$ 100 ish but just not $ 1,000s. Links to whatever you are thinking of will be helpful!

Best answer:

Answer by Breannanana BATMAN.
An iPod!
those are great gifts to have engraved.
you can put up to 2 lines of text on there.
Good Luck!

ps - the new ipods are great, or the ipod touch. its worth it!

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  1. Kate

    You could try a plaque, or getting it engraved very small on the pendant of a necklace. Or, you get get it engraved, perhaps, on a thick metal cuff bracelet.

  2. mikskali

    A Certificate of Deposit – includes maturity date. ….