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Question by Sara: Getting Married In Vegas Need Some Advice.Someone Who Lives There Please Answer?
I want to plan my wedding in Las Vegas but have some worries that can be answered by someone who lives there.
I am getting married in December and my ceremony will be outside I wanted to know how cold it gets and when it starts to get dark.
Any other advice would be great thank you so much!

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Answer by banananose_89117
Winter can be very nice 50s but then if the north winds blows can be dirty and cold. Hope is your only course if you proceed with an outdoor wedding

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  1. A Hunch

    It really depends on when in Dec
    For most of Dec it will be in the 50s… but can have awful wind.
    Often the week after Christmas we actually get a sprinkling of snow.

  2. MJM

    It depends…

    The weather can ‘definitely’ be chilly!

    Used to the colder temps?
    Depends where you are coming from as far as what temperature you are used to and if temps in the 40’s to 50’s can be a problem. Heck my friends from Ohio go swimming when its still in the 70’s!

    Where, outside?
    If you are having it ‘outside’ but in a ‘garden setting’ surrounded by buildings (reception halls, etc) it can cut the wind down…and the venue could also put up ‘portable heaters’ (many look Really Nice, like decorative columns!) that can also help. So, depends…where, who’s helping plan it…etc.

    The company I am associated with does ‘Everything Vegas’ using all the ‘connected people’ in town…and that does include the people who plan weddings, run or own the chapels etc etc…so, we’d be happy to help…if you’d like.

    Because we are a Full Service Travel Agency…we can help with everything from getting great rates on airfare or air/hotel packages ‘specially designed’ or themed for a wedding or bachelorette theme, etc….romance packages, etc etc etc….even car rental rates (10% off the internet rates!). Remember, the chapels may include the limo for the couple…but your guests have to get there and back too!

    ***Oh, just click on my profile/picture and use the option to ‘send an email’…tell me some ‘background’ of what you are looking for….and when you’ll be here(?)….and I will refer it over to our team. They’ll take it from there! I/We can also send you links for all the shows, including any specials and deals…even add you to our emails of ‘secret deals’ that aren’t allowed to promoted on websites…if you wish.

    Always happy to help…and at no cost to you….the hotels, shows, etc pay us…so, you get the best of everything…local experts, for free! Whoohoo! (smiling!)

  3. desertgirl

    During the winter evenings it can get as cold as about 30 degrees. The average would be about 50 degrees. If you have patio heaters it will be okay no matter what the temperature is. Just like on the East Coast it will start getting dark at about 5pm.