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Question by Katy K: Can someone tell me what Valentines Day ideas were in the February 06 issue of Seventeen Magazine, please?
I am looking for some cute Valentines Day ideas to share with my boyfriend and I remember that the February 06 issue of Seventeen had some really cute ones but I have lent my old issues to my friends little sister and she has yet to return them. If you have this issue or have any other neat ideas please share with me! Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Lisa
The only thing I found in the February '06 issue was "17 ways to say I love you".

I hope this is what you're looking for!

If not, these are some cute ideas anyway.

1. Photo album.
Buy a scrapbook and fill it with photos of just the two of you. Include romantic quotes like "Where love is concerned, too much is not even enough".

2. Sunrise date
Ask him to get up early one day, then take him somewhere special to watch the sun rise.

3. Single rose
Put a rose with a note on his doorstep one morning-- he'll see it on his way to school.

4. Message puzzle
Create a fun, sweet message on a big piece of felt. Cut it into a puzzle and give him one piece before each class.

5. Tiny kisses
Leave some Hershey's kisses on his desk with a note that says "Spare kisses for when I'm not around!"

6. Special date
Gove him a card to mark a small occasion, like the one-month anniversary of your very first kiss.

7. Romatic poem
Write a poem and spray the paper with your perfume-- it'll remind him of you!

8. Love list
Give him a lost of the top 10 things you adore about him.

9. Sweetheart boxers
Buy a pair of cotton boxers for him and iron a heart patch onto one of the legs.

10. Movie tickets
Get tickets to a movie he wants to see but you're not so into--he'll appreciate your small sacrifice!

11. Indoor picnic
Get his favorite sandwich--and enjoy it with him as you cuddle on a blanket.

12. Glamour shots
Have your friend take a roll of cool black and white photos of you. Choose the best one and frame it for him.

13. Top secret
Share a secret about yourself that no one else knows. It'll show how much you trust him.

14. Handmade scarf
Teach yourself how to knit and make him a cozy scarf. He'll like that you've put in lots of time and energy to keep him warm!

15. Coupon book
Create a book of 10 custom coupons. Promise him things you know he'll really enjoy--like a backrub.

16. Sweet whisper
When you're in a crowd, whisper, "Kiss me" into his ear. He'll love that all your attention is on him.

17. Tasty treats
Wrap up his favorite cookies and include a song lyric about love. Then sneak them into his backpack.

Whew... I think that is for sure a "best answer"! lol

Good luck!

Also, if you need to know anything else, I have almost ALL the issues of Seventeen from the past 2 years. Email me!

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