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Question by Star-Hex: What to do for your anniversary when you have no money, the weather is crappy and you live in a place you hate?
My husband and I approaching our second wedding anniversary. Last year we didn't have much money either but we could afford to eat out somewhere nice. This year, we can't even afford that. And we can't do anything nice outside because it's going to be raining cats and dogs. Our house is a shoebox filled with the junk of my inlaws and we hate it here.

I am simply out of ideas and so is he. Maybe some brilliant person out there has the answer to my question.

Best answer:

Answer by Happy-2
I think you should have a treasure hunt, with the goal to be to find a place to have sex where you've never had it before. Be bold and daring - you'll remember the anniversary forever if you do.

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Comments (9)

  1. OwlBear

    Spend some time together. Play a game, watch a movie you both enjoy, have a nice dinner together, tell each other what your happiest memories are so far of your life together, make love, talk about your hopes & dreams for the future, etc.

  2. alana

    Well set a pretty table find some flowers or buy a few if you can at the store only need three put greens in the vase with the flowers you can pick them outside hedges are fine or evergreens. use your best table cover or place mats and set a nice table then make your husbands favorite food and if you can have a glass of wine with dinner if not tea is fine too. Make him feel special and you will have a beautiful anniversary. Happy Second i am going on my forty sixth and had to do this a few times myself.

  3. Queencrab3

    The treasure hunt sounds perfect!! I might try it myself and I’m not broke. I love to hide and my husband try to find me (I don’t try to hide that much) and where he finds me is where we make love. Do a sexy dance for him, give him a massage and he can do you after wards. Make the day all about him and treat him like a king, it does not cost a thing to give him love.

  4. K8

    I love the treasure hunt idea as well as cooking a dinner together and maybe playing cards or a game or renting a video to watch together. Some of the best times my husband and I have had together over the years were free.

  5. From Space

    Go to an ice or roller rink. Its like $ 7 per person…and bring fast food so you can have a little picnic. Go see a free art show or museum, make a list of items & go door to door on a scavenger hunt, go dance in the rain & have a candlit movie night at home, role play & have kinky sex, go get a 12 pack of beer & play drinking games. Use your imagination.

  6. Perse

    Stay in. Set the atmosphere. Light some candles. Turn on some relaxing music. Drink some wine. Cuddle. 69 the night away.

  7. Sally Jones

    Grab your sleeping bags, pack some food and go on a road trip, giving a careless where you land, screw the hotel and sleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere.

  8. sheloves_dablues

    Clean your in-law’s junk out of your house, order a pizza when you’re done, and then fcku like bunnies till the sun comes up.

  9. Me

    Everyone knows a trampy girlfriend that will sleep with any one. NO CHARGE
    Bottle of Jack Daniels $ 18
    Giving your husband a Threesome all night long- Priceless.