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Question by Medic Casey: When building a bride on top of water?
When Contractors are making bridges on top of water, when perhaps the concrete wall under the bridge is out for support, does it go all they way down to the bottem of the ocean and even deeper because they have to dig in the sand in the bottom of the ocean. If not, how does it happen?

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Answer by propreno
The footings or piles must go down far enough to reach the bedrock or the firm, unmoving layer of earth to support the bridge.

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  1. woodtick314

    The concrete foundation, or pier, sits on top of pilings which extend to bedrock. The pilings are driven through the bed of the river, cut off to the same level, capped off, then the foundation is built on top of the cap. Hope this helps.

  2. Elliott M

    the other guys are rite however deep water buildings are constructed on anchored floating platforms