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Question by Michael: How was divorce perceived in 19th century England?
I'm reading Jude the Obscure and it seems like the couples are going to some pretty extreme lengths in ending a marriage without actually calling it divorce, which they eventually do anyway. Just wondering what the thought process behind divorce was in those days.

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Answer by warneal69
Well, considering the catholic religion was one of the two dominate forces in that time (the other being royalty) and in their "good book" it states rather plainly, "thou shall not be granted divorces". I'm paraphrasing, but you get my meaning.

Getting into heaven was a pretty strong motivator back then and you couldn't do that if you tried to get a divorce. So, extreme actions were called for. ANYTHING so long as it wasn't called divorce.

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  1. greengo

    How about divorce 50 years ago in the USA?
    Before the 1960s, divorce was a real shocker.
    My aunt pretended she was still married for many years. At every gathering, people would ask, “where’s Riley?” and she would say that he couldn’t make it, he had work obligations, etc. Eventually people figured it out, but nobody ever said anything about it.
    If you understand Christianity, and the culture that still believed in God, (and the Bible actually says “God hates divorce”) then you would see what a serious and horrible thing it really was. Now, nobody believes in God, and nobody even gets married in the first place before they have sex. It is no longer a sacred rite and a holy vow before God. A vow, a promise, your word that would not be broken. Promises actually meant something then, too, and people would NOT go back on their word.

  2. Sam

    There is no point to suffer in life you need to know to discard the bad things about all those who hurt us. NO we must stick to one partner, it is important to a script of life and strive for goals, professional and personal satisfaction is more important to grow as a person every day, to value our family, we have no ideals and never stagnate