Most popular Divorce 70 30 Asset Split auctions

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Some recent divorce 70 30 asset split auctions on eBay:

UCL Lunch Hour Lecture: London the divorce capital of the world. 'Big money' divorce cases: fairness, gender and judicial discretion Professor Alison Diduck (UCL Laws) The law gives the courts very broad discretion to determine 'fair' property and financial awards when couples divorce. While that discretion is exercised in all cases, it has been shaped by principles developed in the so-called 'big money' cases decided in the Appeal Courts since 2000 which have led to increased awards to homemaker wives. Many are unhappy with this turn of events and have said that London has now become the 'divorce capital of the world'. Professor Diduck reviews these leading cases, the principles on which they were based and their importance for promoting broader gender equity.
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