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Question by Lola L: What kind of things are 70s themed?
My class is decorating our room in a 70s/disco theme. What are things that were "groovy" in the 70s? Please give me fads (like pet rocks), catch phrases (like nifty), dances and songs (like disco and "We are Family"), and SOME educational things (my social studies teacher told us that one, so try to make it social studies). Thank you so much! Cool and simple designs and decorations will also be helpful.

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Answer by jandy
Groovy is from the 60's. Cool was the word in the 70's . YMCA the song. bell bottoms still around. National Org of Women and Women's rights was very hot and quite resented by men... and society. Women wanted their rights in the workplace and didn't want to be housewifes/teachers and nurses. they wanted to be lawyers, doctors and in the military and wanted leadership positions as men.
Playboy clubs and bunnies very popular. Read anything by Gloria Steinem, You won't regret it.... Movies were emerging with more sexual content, Xrated movies, The Godfather , and women exploitation which women wanted stopped. civil rights issues, and the Vietnam war was hot, hot , hot, USA was divided in that there was the drug exploration and LSD, head shops, orgys, love in and sit ins and the sexual revolution with birth control pills, love beads, bell bottom pants, platform shoes, we painted flowers on our faces unlike today with tattoos, we said peace alot and made the peace sign, the other side was the war with nightly body counts and America having soldiers go to war to fill slotted positions and return home in a body bag, nothing like today, where it's all sterile, There were protests on colleges campuses, free speech, Kent State shootings, San Fransico Haight/Asbury district, Elvis re emerged with Pricilla, a new America after JFK and Martin Luther King was shot in the 60's. there were riots on campuses re the war, Most of our young America was drafted for that war. I remember both JFK/KING and can tell you where I was, same as 911... There was also the Cold War meaning spy vs spy antics with USSR, check the Beatles song. Moon landings .
. Actually, it was a really great time to be growing up with the social changes and it affected me by my free choice not to get married, have children. I became a nurse, supported myself ,didn't want financial dependence on a man or the traditional marriage. It's still that way. Women that were independent were called names, dykes, lez and whores. I'm none of that... Look at the series AD Men on TV( now 2008), smoking, drinking. dancing..., infidelity was tolerated, clothing and hair styles changed.
Look at Beach Blanket Bingo or Where the Boys Are, filmed at Lauderdale Beach across from Woody Woodberry's, it's still there. The sultry Briget Bardot, still has influence today.
The first x rated cartoon, Fritz the Cat... etal... does this help?.

I'm sure many people would love to talk to you what it was like then. Thanks for thinking of us..

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  1. Minerva

    Really obnoxious bright colors like lime green, bright orange, and searing blues. Those mirrored disco balls. Wide headbands, go go boots, bell bottom pants, long hair parted in middle for girls. Lots of weird geometric designs with primary color.

    Early 70s: protesting the Vietnam war. The Equal Rights Amendment for women (if failed). The Cold War with the Soviet Union. Black exploitation movies such as Superfly to go along with the Black Civil Rights Movement.

    The debut of Saturday Night Live. John Belushi’s the Killer Bee, Samurai. Animal House.