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Question by naomi: why is sex before marriage so important in the cristian religion?
if two people are committed to each other and to God why is a marriage certificate (in essence a piece of paper) so important. I'm with my boyfriend, we are faithful, committed to each other and we have a baby. how are we living in sin?

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Answer by Reach
cos christians feel compelled to but into the sex lives of others, like homosexuals and couples like yourself

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  1. James

    Who said anything about a certificate? You must not know what marriage is.


    the marriage is not a certificate for christians.. it’s the union between a man and woman in one soul… according to christianity.

  3. chicken

    pray about it…..its more than just a piece of paper a ring. two of them. and children.

  4. Gorgeoustxwoman Go Spurs Go! 34 wins 6 loses

    Because Augustine was no longer getting any, he made sure that no one else was either.

  5. Dunce Cap

    its control. without it the religion wouldn’t work.

  6. Lachrymose Lover

    I think sex is a beautiful thing as long as the two actually love each other.

    To most, marriage means you are more committed I suppose.

  7. Cakes the Heathen

    It’s one of the many tools useful for oppressing women and controlling their sex lives. Men aren’t punished as much as women for having sex, even in secular society. Women are “whores,” and guys are “cool.” This has always been the case, condoned by religions such as Christianity and Islam.

  8. Pyrrho

    Hey god did with Mary and then like a dead beat dad, he beat it out of there

  9. Locust Pilot

    Well, they’re Abrahamics. Abrahamics are bonkers. But hey, at least they didn’t drag you and your boyfriend into the street and stone you to death like SOME religions (OK, just the one religion and it’s little sects).

  10. A

    To Christians, marriage is a commitment before God, ordained by one of His priests. The commitment is to be with each other for life, support each other no matter what, and to love each other.

    The certificate is irrelevant, that’s just a legal necessity.

    “I’m with my boyfriend, we are faithful, committed to each other and we have a baby. how are we living in sin”

    Then get effing married!

  11. Tao

    Sexual “morality” in the Bible was related to an aggressive population growth strategy for the early Hebrews. It worked really well for them in such a trying time during the population explosion after the Agricultural Revolution (The Fall of Adam and Eve: ) after all, we’re still talking about it aren’t we? We are their cultural descendants. Basically the way it worked was that if you were horny, the only thing proper for you to do was have a baby. During that time, it was probably quite important to have a legal commitment for the stability of the family. Hence, no sex before marriage. If you wanted to have sex, you got married and started pumping out babies. Again, strategy-wise, it worked quite well for the early Hebrews. However, being a strategy it was more about pragmatism than ideals.

    These times are definitely not those times. It is 10,000 years later and in 2011 we’re overpopulated as it is. Our economies and needs are completely different. We’re in the period of mass extinction at a rate not seen since the fall of the dinosaurs and we’re causing it. The strategies that worked for the early Hebrews are not necessarily the ones that are going to work for us and our sexual “moral” strategy is going to have to change. (Well, it has changed as you can surely testify to)

    The Bible talking about sexual “morality” was never about what was right or wrong but about what that culture felt it needed at that particular point of time.

    So take it easy. Enjoy your life. You don’t need a piece of paper to have a committed relationship or a family.

  12. Colin

    Let me begin my saying that I am a pretty progressive guy, and the focus of my faith is not on telling others how to live but rather on sharing compassion with others. I do not judge you. If anyone goes out of their way to shame you and your child, then shame on them. Now it’s my time to sound very old fashioned…

    Are you committed to staying together, and giving your baby a stable family life? If so, why not get married?

    Sometimes these rules are made for a reason. How many people do you know were raised by two people who were not committed to being the best parents they could be? To be the best wife/husband/partner they could be? It breaks my heart, as a teacher, to hear stories from children who have been raised by parents not committed to each other.

    Feel free to respond. I do not have all the answers. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you and your boyfriend are wonderful parents who love you child with all your hearts. But let me ask you a question I always ask myself: is there more you can do to give you child the best chance at a happy life? Peace.

  13. quaz

    God commands people to be obedient to His laws. His law is that sex should happen only between married people. One reason for that law is that the family is the foundation of all stability in society. Children need to learn that their parents are respectful of the laws of God. If not, then the children will also become law-breakers. As more and more people disrespect God’s laws, the world will also become a more and more evil place. Eventually God will be forced to destroy all who continue to disobey Him. That will be the Day of Judgment, May 21, 2011.

    Sin happens whenever people disobey the laws of God. Though the marriage certificate seems to be only a piece of paper, it is actually more than that. It is a symbol of your obedience (or disobedience) to the law of God, and the law of the land also. God has said that all of us should respect the laws of our country as long as they don’t ask us to do anything sinful.

  14. Alicia Omorosé

    I don’t think sex before marriage is the problem, it’s procreation before marriage that most theists don’t like with the exception of myself and some others.
    You see, marriage is not for everyone, in fact to some couples it is obsolete.

    Back in the day it was considered immoral to have sexual relations with multiple people (which I still consider immoral) or to conceive before marriage and thus the picture-perfect family was seen as a married man with his wife and at least two children. back then what you have would not be considered a family until you and your bf were married.

    But back then, things were very backwards. Today, what you have is just as much a family as any married couple and their children =]

  15. Bruce

    first of all.. Fornication.. is a sin.. obviously.. so taking the meaning of fornication means two people having sex one another without really any relationship between them.
    thats why you get married.. doesnt really matter if you lived on a tribe and marrying is just throwing water on top of you thats how you get married… a paper is just the way its now..

    “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s”

    true it is.. that a union between of two people in the eyes of God dont require proof or paper whatsoever.
    but you also you have to obey and follow the rules of humans.. which means if its required to get a paper so humans know ur married then u should…

    if you are so faithfull to your man as you say.. you consider him a husband am i wrong? then if you do… why not get married by a paper? was there really such a hurry? life and death?
    if you were so horny that wanted to marry that same day.. could have gone to Las Vegas and for 50$ or less you could have gotten married…

    the reasons of why not to.. are quite unreasonable

  16. Fiction Chick

    I believe that God set forth each rule for us in the Bible because he wants to protect us. He loves us and does not want to see us getting hurt. Premarital sex most often leads to problems and not all relationships last after premarital sex. God wishes for us to have only one sexual partner in our lives because of the bond that any physical activity (even kissing) creates. Obviously, kissing does not create quite the bond that sex does but there is something to it. When that bond is broken, it leads to insecurity, depression, and it makes that person harder to get over. This kind of pain is not something that God wants to see us go through.

    And the finally reason is that God created sex to be a wonderful thing between two married people. It is a gift that is supposed to be used only in marriage. It’s supposed to make them “one flesh” and help with their marriage. It’s supposed to be this amazing, special gift. Obviously, if other men have seen a woman naked and been inside her, giving herself to her husband isn’t the gift it was meant to be and likewise for the man giving himself to the woman. Sex ceases to be special when you’ve had it with many other people.

    God wouldn’t tell us not to have sex before marriage just to torture us. It’s only to protect us from ourselves. That beings said, you’re situation is unique to a sex before marriage situation. But honestly, why not get married? If you have a kid and plan on being together forever, why not?

    But also I do not believe that a marriage certificate is what constitutes in God’s eyes as marriage. I believe it is a vow made between two people before him that matters. As long as you’ve made that vow and believe that you are married, then you are. My husband and I aren’t legally married because at the current moment, we cannot. The moment we are able to, we will get a certificate but marriage is a vow, not a piece of paper but in the mean time, we believe ourselves to be man and wife anyway. Still, if you can get legally married, in order to abide by the authorties of the country you live in, you should.