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Question by Lela: How and where can i get a blimp or fireworks or a plane to write something in the sky?
You know how you always see someone asking the one they love to marry them or to prom or to forgive them by writing it in the sky somehow?
Well I saw it happen it Long Beach California a few times. And I was wondering if I could do that in Clinton, IA. And how I find out how and where.

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Answer by JetMech
The last time I saw anyone do sky writing was about three years ago over Los Angeles airport....closer to the beach, actually. Is that near Long Beach? The sky writing looked computer controlled. The plane wasn't maneuvering so much as the smoke was coming out in controlled puffs. Must have been computer controlled.

But I see a plane towing a banner around the San Francisco bay area on most sunny days. You could have your proposal carried on a banner towed by a plane. Call your local airport....I bet they know.

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  1. Warbird Pilot

    Wow, sky writers nowasays are few and far between. I only know one and don’t know if she still does it (Suzanne Ashbury-Oliver, the Pepsi Skywriter); there is also the Six of Diamonds near NYC. You might try calling Mark Clark at Courtesy Aircraft Sales (Rockford, IL) and ask or try the EAA ( and see if they know anybody.

    A local banner tow might be easier to arrange.