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Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Bardot Bridal Gatsby Art Deco 40's Never Worn
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Question by ♦!Jennie!♦: How much did your wedding dress cost?
And what did you do with it after wards? I went wedding dress shopping with my sissy and i did not know how expensive wedding dresses could be. Did you keep your wedding dress or did you sale it after wards? Thanks :)

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Answer by lindy h
My parents gave mine as a present it was 1400 euro's. Now my parents are not rich but they opened a savings account for all three of us. My sister used it on a car and a new bedroom and i got my weddingdress.
Its hanging in my grandmas closet

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  1. oar1963

    i saved mine, and i had to buy two.. the first didn’t show up in time for alterations, and we later found one that was fitting perfectly. each was about $ 300 .. but that was like, 23 years ago, that is like, $ 800 to $ 1,000 now.

    my current dress we are planning is going to be $ 1,250. it’s handmade for me to my measurements.. ugh! and i will keep it. i will wear it on our anniversaries is the plan. we will celebrate each and every year! (it’s perfect for the day, we are marrying on Halloween!)

  2. The Thriftmaster.

    Well, my dress was only 40 dollars and i found it at a thrift store in perfect condition. It is a tea-length ivory colored 40s inspired cocktail dress with black crinoline underneath, black lace around the middle and it’s halter style with pearl buttons. I cannot tell you enough how surprised I was to find it and how much i love it. i get married in June, so i haven’t used it yet but afterwards i plan on keeping it and maybe wearing it again if i ever have another formal event. it doesn’t scream wedding. I hate the popular frou-frou princess ballgowns, they’re not my taste at all. I also can’t comprehend spending thousands of dollars on an ugly dress you’ll only wear once…

    with the money i saved on the dress we were able to hire a nice photographer and we can afford more food and booze for our guests!

    EDIT: why am i getting thumbs down? I’m sorry i got such a great deal, my bad i suppose. lol.

  3. Rachel O

    I just bought my wedding dress a week ago. i got it a davids bridal (i shopped online) i found my dream dress and it was on sale for $ 250
    i would have still bought it if it was $ 1,000. but check out davids bridal website and you may be surprised on how cheap you can get a beautiful dress. in my case i will keep my dress, since it didnt cost me alot! hope this helps

  4. sunny_happy_daisy

    Mine was just under $ 1,000. The wedding in not for a couple months still so I am not sure what I will do with it afterwards. I would love to say I will save it and if I have a daughter force her to wear it one day but I really doubt that will happen. It will likely sit in the closet for a few years until I donate it. Or maybe I will sell it on ebay see what I can get for it.

  5. ynra BTB 5-09-09

    including tax my dress cost $ 965. It normally cost $ 1000 but it was on sale
    My mom is a seamstress and I asked her to put a corset back on it. I love corset backs in wedding dresses and it will make my dress unique.
    I don’t plan on selling my dress but I don’t know if i’ll change my mind later on. Really I will have no use to it after the wedding.

  6. lismarie

    My dress cost $ 500 and I got married 2 years ago. It’s now hanging up in my closet.

  7. Alyssa

    $ 550 (on sale from $ 650)

    And please don’t buy David’s bridal wedding gowns- I tried on so many and they are cheap material and style for their prices- you can find so many better deals. I did buy my bridesmaid dresses from them though.

  8. molly

    my dress was originally$ 1,200 i paid $ 400 on sale. the wedding is going to cost $ 3,000 and counting. i wanted a small wedding but its out of control now.

  9. ~ultimate_farmer_girl~

    My wedding dress cost $ 350. I went to David’s Bridal during one of there $ 99 sales. My dress was originally $ 600 and got it for $ 350 a good deal if you ask me.

    Although I know I will never wear my dress again and I doubt that if we have a daughter she would want to wear it at her wedding I kept it. I think what I am going to do with it when we have kids is make their baptismal outfits from the dress; that way my kids did wear my gown.

  10. Precious

    I bought my dress for $ 500.00 and that was over 20 years ago. I kept it but never wore it again.

    I am a widow (it’s been three years since my husband past away).

    When i get married again i will buy me a new dress ( tea length) . I want a champagne or off white (colored) dress for my second wedding.

  11. Danni B2B 9/9/09

    $ 2000 AUD

    Its a Maggie Sottero dress, I am going to keep it forever, I know it seems crazy how expensive they can be, but just find ‘the one’ and you wont be able to put a price tag on it, you’ll know its worth it. because my dress takes 6 months to order, i was able to do a 6 month lay-by option which has been a BIG help.

    I would never spend an amount like that on any other piece of clothing, but its the wedding dress, you will have memories and photos of it FOREVER, so it wont be really just in the closet!

    I personally wouldn’t sell mine because it is the precious symbolism of it, kind of like my engagement/ wedding ring – i would want to hold onto it, and i wouldn’t like the thought of someone else wearing my special dress, and either would my fiance – but if you really really need the money i guess its okay – but i would probably just buy something i can afford to keep!

  12. QueenCharlene

    Wedding dresses sure are expensive! I went with my mom and sister when i first got engaged and couldn’t believe the ones i liked were all about $ 900-$ 1200. We don’t have tons of money so i knew it would be crazy to spend that much on something i would wear once.

    I decided to look online and i got my dress off ebay, from julius bridal (a shop from china). Exact one i wanted, looked just like the one i saw in the store for $ 1200. I got it brand new, including shipping for $ 120!! Nobody could believe it. Sometimes i can’t believe it myself lol. Dress was made wonderful, looked great and i couldn’t recommend them more.

  13. Dee

    Hi! Wedding Dresses can be very costly! In upwards of $ 1000. Of course you can find less, it depends on your style. I went through a company that charged $ 400 to custom make my dress to my exact fitting, and I got to design it just how I wanted to. But, try going to trunk shows, or looking for a dress “OFF THE REACK” you can really save money in those areas.

  14. BlueOH

    $ 7,500.00 for a custom made vera wang dress with crystals and pearls… I will definitely be keeping it (getting married in a few months). I don’t have any fantasy notions that my daughter or future daughter-in-law will actually want to wear the dress, but the fabric is extremely high end and fabulous so I want to keep it in case the fabric can be reused for another custom dress to be made down the road if she wants it!

    Note: I hear ya, thriftmaster… I guess I got a thumbs down because I paid a lot (seems that some people end up getting offended when things are cheap, or expensive. instead of middle ground) ??? It’s the first time I have heard of trying to keep something as an heirloom and give it to someone else as a negative, haha. If my daughter doesn’t end up wanting the fabric, oh well… I love my dress! :-)

  15. fullofjoy08

    $ 400.00 and some change. And mines is hanging in my moms closet.

  16. Jessica

    My dress just got in actually! I got it from a local bridal salon. It cost 1100 which was about 100 over budget but I am nixing the veil so it evened out. :-) I am going to try and sell it after but if I don’t I am going to have it made into 1) a christening gown that we can use for our kids and hand down and 2) as pieces in a quilt.

  17. Gillian

    My dress is a Maggie Sottero and I bought it for $ 1069 (about 800 euros). I had tried it on and waited to purchase it. When I went back to order my dress 2 weeks later, the price had gone up $ 200! I negotiated with the bridal shop and got my dress for the original price. I am still waiting for my dress to come in. I can’t imagine being married in anything else.

    I am planning on keeping my dress. I will have it professionally cleaned and preserved and store it in my closet.

    My mother made her own wedding dress. When I was born, she cut up her wedding dress to make my baptismal gown. She offered to make my dress, but the dress I fell in love with had so many tiny details (you can’t see all the details well on the website) that it would take forever to make, so I bought it!

  18. LBB-06/05/09

    i bought mine for 120 off ebay. and i may sel it after although i have not decided yet