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Question by Mrs. Schomburg: Do I need to wear a bra with my corset wedding dress?
I have a corset wedding dress and am a bit confused about the undergarment situation. The dress even has a modesty panel (one of those flaps of fabric that go under the lacing portion). I'm more concerned about the support - am I supposed to wear a strapless bra in addition to the corseted dress?

Best answer:

Answer by Kayleigh
You can have bust cups put in - that will keep the girls where they are supposed to be

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Comments (19)

  1. Tiffany

    Well in my opinion corsets are not made to be worn with bras..They usually do the job but pushing the girls up and keeping the tummy flat. I think if you wear a bra you may be uncomfortable..but the cups sounds like a good idea. I had that done for my prom dresses when I was in high school. Good luck and congrats!!

  2. capicorn124

    U can get a bra slip that covers your breasts and your tummy.David’s bridal has them under lingerie

  3. JOHN K
  4. Sugar

    You should wear a torsolette under your gown it gives a much smoother look. The bonus is that while not only providing support it also makes your tummy and sides look better too.

  5. wardrobebycj

    I am a professional dressmaker with many years of bridal experience. If you have small to average perky breasts, the dress alone will provide adequate support. If you have very small breasts and want more cleavage for the day, a long line (to about hip bone level) strapless bra with push up pads will enhance your natural shape. If you are fuller busted or not so perky, a long line strapless gives the best support. I prefer a good long line strapless because it supports your bust and then the wedding gown boning supports the weight of the dress. A well boned long line bra is preferable to a strapless bandeau because it stays in place all day once someone hooks you into it. The modesty panel makes it possible to go with or without a bra.

  6. Moriah

    No, the corset should give you enough support.If it doesn’t, try support cups; They would be much more comfortable than a bra.

  7. JM

    It all depends on how big you are. If you are like me (DDD) then you need a bra – I don’t care how supportive the dress is! If you are an A or B cup you can probably get away without one. C or D you may want to consider a strapless bra/long line strapless or having cups sewn into the dress. Go with how it looks. If it looks like you need more support – get a bra.

  8. salanie s

    With big breasts it often looks awful not to. The breast look they’re at your waist. A long line bra or another corset would do if you’re well loaded.
    However, I know small breasted women who feel uncomfortable without a bra, so those invisibles would do. If you’re small breasted, corset is not necessary unless you want more CLEAVAGE.

  9. obe

    No….you don’t need cups. The corset, depending on how tight you tie it will keep the girls exactly where they belong.

    You can use the modesty piece or not. Depends on how low the corset ties.

    The corset dresses are so heavily boned you don’t have to worry about undergarments.

    There is a trick. Before they tie you in, bend over, while bent over get the grils in position and then
    hang on to the dress and the girls till they get you tied in, It works every time.

  10. thedreamweaverwolf

    if you have a privacy panel and are using it you wear a long line bra if not use the bra cups

  11. Cgirl98

    i think a strapless bra would work but make sure its the same colour as the dress. i belive u should just have cups put in ur dress.

  12. Wilma F

    if it’s an actual corset then you won’t need to wear a bra because the corset is the bra and will give you the support you need. But if it is only a corset-like style or an underbust corset then you will need some sort of bust support if you normally wear a bra. talk to the store where you got your dress about what type of foundation garment you may need, if any.

  13. purr_nicious

    It depends on your comfort level and if the dress has boning in the bodice. If its fully lined and has sufficient boning, you could get away with going braless. The test is put the dress on and bounce around, if you’re falling out, go with the bra.

  14. autumn lover

    no, i didn’t wear a bra at all. I don’t think you need to as well, judging from the description of your dress.

  15. mrsc

    i didnt wear a bra under my dress when i got married b/c i didnt need it. it was a halter and tight and held up my tatas just fine-you really dont have to wear a bra

  16. kcorradins

    I’m a DD and I didn’t wear a bra with my corset wedding dress…in fact that is the reason I chose a corset b/c they hold you in and you don’t have to worry about annoying bras!!

  17. Gillian

    I am a 34D natural and I wore a corset style dress (Maggie Sottero Jessica) for my wedding day and I did not wear a bra under it. I did not even have cups put into my dress. Honestly, my dress was so supportive, I didn’t need it. In pictures it even looks like I am wearing a minimizer. I think it’s whether or not you’re comfortable with not wearing a bra with it. Try your dress on without a bra and see if it is comfortable for you. If it is, don’t bother with a bra! If not, get a strapless bra!