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Question by Anna: How do I preserve my wedding flowers in a non-traditional way?
I want to preserve my wedding flowers but I don't want to freeze dry them or put them in a shadow box. Does anyone know a unique way to preserve my flowers?

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Answer by OmNomNom!
This is pretty awesome, you can preserve them by sending them to this company. They use your flowers to make a painting.

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  1. Karen

    Like you I am not very traditional so when I wanted to preserve my wedding bouquet flowers I searched the web for flower preservation and memorial jewelry. I found this site They can take your flowers, whether fresh or already dried, and create a keepsake for you. I had them make me a beautiful flower petal earring and pendant set for myself and had a bracelet made for my mother. Their jewelry is beautiful and unique and is much less expensive than freeze drying and I can wear my flowers forever.

  2. Emma

    One way to preserve flowers and use in crafts is by hanging them to dry. If you decide to preserve your flowers whole, and intact, you will need to decide this before they have fully bloomed. If a flower has opened up too much, when it is dried the petals will fall off. The brighter and more vivid the fresh flower is, the better color it will have as it dries. If you want more intense colors, be sure to start with that trait in the fresh flower. If the dried flower will be used with it’s stem, it would be best to wire the stem while the flower is still fresh. Then attach the flower, upside down, to a wire hanger and leave in a dark place for two to three weeks. If the dried flowers will be stored a while before use, cover them with a light material, such as tissue paper to keep the dust off.

    Flowers preserved in this way can be used for a variety of purposes. For a special event, such as a wedding, some people want to preserve their bouquets. After following drying instructions bouquets can be placed as a wall hanging next to the wedding photo, in a shadow box, or simply placed on a table or in a hutch. After flowers are dried they can also be put back in a vase and set on a table. If a single flower is preserved, perhaps to save on space, it can be laid over the wedding frame on in front of the wedding photo. Individually dried flowers can also be used when making a wreath.

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