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Question by Kellie: My cousin is getting married and I want to make her a basket filled with stuff as the gift..?
Hey all- my cousin is having a beach wedding at the end of august.. it's her second marriage, and together they have three girls, 11, 13 and 14 years old. since they're a blended family and they have pretty much everything they need and want, i am trying to come up with something creative for their wedding gift. since their wedding is beach themed, i was thinking of creating a giant basket, filled with stuff... but the problem is, i have no idea what type of stuff to get. any suggestions? thanks!

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Answer by I love my love
well first did she register at any store for gifts? because you could make the basket with things from the gift registry. if the honeymoon will be at the beach, you could get her towels, flip flops, sunglasses, sunscreen, a sarong, speedo for the groom 😉 etc.

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  1. daVIDica

    Flip-flops for all the family members.

    A bottle of champagne/wine for the adults and a bottle of sparkling grape juice for the kiddos.

    Embroidered beach towels with each family member’s name.

  2. Bride2Be 10-17-09

    You could definitely do the honeymoon gift basket idea, that sounds like a good one! Sunglasses, beach towels with their names on it, sun tan lotion, etc.
    You could also do a basket of new kitchen utensils… even though they say they may not need it because they have a house already, they may need to replace old silverware, spatulas, measuring cups, etc. You could get really creative with new hand towels with their names on it, etc.
    You could put together a movie basket, with movie tickets, a couple movies they like and don’t have, popcorn, etc.
    There are many ideas out there! Good Luck!

  3. JedaSoul<3

    a couple towels, sunblock, a few candles and some candle holders, champagne and glasses (or plastic champagne glasses, a tablecloth for a beach picnic, some love coupons, a gift card for a couples massage, some sparkling cider for the kids, a camera (disposable or otherwise.) a snow globe of a beach scene, flip flops, a photo frame or photo album with beach on it, or shells.