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Question by elle: How do I get over my girlfriend ditching me at a wedding?
My girlfriend was suppose to go with me at wedding last night. But she was very upset because I was still talking to my ex of 8 years and I could not let the friendship go because we have been through a lot. I don't have feelings for my ex anymore and my present girlfriend is very upset about this because I can't let go but she has to understand and have faith in our relationship. I love her.

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Answer by angel babee♥☺
show her ur question she will think its sweet

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Comments (17)

  2. iMED

    Tell her upfront. Tell her how much she means to you and your ex is just only a friend. If she loves you then she will understand.

  3. Macy

    if there’s no trust in a relationship, then there won’t be a strong relationship, if she can’t respect your wish to have a friendship with an ex, and just strictly friends, then you should let her go.

  4. Bella304

    o wow. Well try talking to her so she understands…everything happens for a reason so don’t stress ur self out.

  5. jbonavota

    u take her out to a nice dinner or fuck her

  6. Lil Pretty

    in my opinion you have to respect your girlfriend and stop talking to your ex so much. in her eyes you and your ex talking and still being friends might make your gf think that your ex has something she doesnt have.

  7. Just Me

    i’m sorry but you have to decide who is more important to you. I wouldn’t stick around if my BF if he couldn’t let go of the ex. It is obviously more then just an occassional chat with her to make the gf ditch you at a wedding.

  8. Leah<3

    well you may say that you dont have feelings for your ex but you seem to have some kind if you cant stop talking to her. if you really love your girlfriend like you say you do than you would respect her feelings and stop talking to the ex, because thats just going to tear you two apart. i know this from experience. you have to decide what is more important to you. either your ex or your current girlfriend. maybe in the future your girlfriend would not mind if you talk to your ex but right now she minds so i think you should respect her feelings.

  9. pitsub

    don’t be a p***y ! let ur ex go if ur girlfriend it’s that good ! if she’s not that good than let your girlfriend go ! dum *** ! sorry !

  10. clueless1234

    I’ll be honest with you.. you need to put yourself in your girlfriend’s position. How would you like it for her to talk to some guy she dated for 8 years? It’s only natural that she feels insecure and the fact that you can’t choose between your current girlfriend and your ex makes it even more suspicious, to her.. If you love her… you have to decide if you love her more than your ex… it’s just not fair to your current girlfriend.

  11. howard

    Well besides your girlfriend acting like an immature spoiled brat, I think she is going to make your friendship with your ex hell for you, so you are going to have to make a choice.

    You are not in a good position, one is going to have to go – Personally I would dump the spoiled brat because she will continue to find ways to control and manipulate you.

  12. JT

    you have to let go of your ex for your future relationships to work.

  13. Liv

    As a general rule current girlfriends don’t like ex girlfriends – that goes on forever (so it gets quite complicated). If you really love your gf you need to loose the ex for a while, until she comes round (and she will). Your ex should understand that you hope your friendship can take a short break – if you’ve been through a lot a few months shouldn’t hurt. The fact that you are prepared to do this will make the current girlfriend realise you are serious about her feelings. It’s the gesture more than the action.

  14. mike
  15. Jen C

    this is your fault, not hers. how would you feel?

  16. SettledUncle

    I suggest you “Better not screw your good times”. most of the ppl feels the same as like your current gf and i wish you don’t spoil the brat. stop talking to your ex- and give more importance to your current.. that way you both can live happily ever.. ask this question to yourself – what is the reason for you to talk to your ex- at this point of time when you have someone else waiting on you all the time? think more and choose the right way to live happily together always.