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Question by Kristie: What is the difference between a bridal shower gift and a wedding present?
My friend is getting married soon, and today I just got an invite to her bridal shower. It's an afternoon event in a park. (so nothing wild)

The invite says they are registered at Target and a local bridal shop (unfortunately I'm out of state till the event).

But do people use the same registry for both? Because it was like all household items on the registry...

So is there a difference between the gift for the bridal shower and the wedding present, or should I just buy things for both off the one registry?

Best answer:

Answer by Ana
I think the bridal shower gifts are focused more on the bride where as the wedding gift is for the couple. I could be wrong though.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Comments (7)

  1. 2hot2handle

    to me the difference between the 2 is the bridal shower gifts are things they will use on the homeymoon night and wedding gifts are things they will use on an every day basis but i would get something for both off the same registry

  2. MML

    If you are invited to a bridal shower and attend, then you aren’t obligated to buy another gift for the wedding. If you cannot attend the shower, but do attend the wedding, then you can either take the gift with you and put it on the gift table at the reception, or you can mail them a gift from the registry and that will suffice for a gift.

  3. weirdiscomplimentary

    There is no difference between a bridal shower gift and a wedding present except that a shower gift is given at a shower and a wedding present is sent to the person’s house or given at the wedding. The shower gifts are typically bought off of the same registry as the wedding presents. For the shower gift, you could buy something that you know that the bride specifically would like/use (for example, if they registered for any movies, you’d buy the one you know the bride likes….or if she likes to go camping, you’d buy the tent or sleeping bag that is on the registry, etc).

    As always (with a wedding or a shower) you can always buy a gift that isn’t on the registry — at my shower I got a lot of picture frames and other items that weren’t on my registry, but that I still liked.

    I think that maybe you might be confusing showers with bachelorette parties. (Showers aren’t typically “wild” so that shouldn’t surprise you….in fact, showers are typically held by elderly relatives….and people usually DO give household items for the shower, so that shouldn’t be surprising either…..that’s why I’m wondering whether you’re confusing the shower with the bachelorette party.)

    I’d buy something off of the Target registry and have it sent to the host’s house so that it’s there for the bride to open when you go to the shower.

    Good luck!

  4. going crazy bride

    Yes you can give them a present off the registry for both the wedding and shower.

    You have to take a gift to both that would be unbeliveablle tacky not to.

    If you don’t have a lot of money take a gift that is small to both.

  5. nova_queen_28

    In my area, you tend to give off the registry for the shower and you tend to give cash for the wedding. But you do have the option of buying off the registry for both the shower & the wedding.

  6. Luv2Answer

    The registry is more for the shower and most people then take money to the wedding in a card.

  7. Kally

    the shower is usuallyy gifts for the new born and the bride but the wedding gift is for both the husband and wife to be.
    you can get her something for her thats not exp yet helps her relax from all the stress shes going to be in. like bath bombs and soap . this site has a lot of stuff for the wedding and showers check it out and they ship quick let me know if u got ideas from it. and if ur gonna buy plsss go for the bath bomb i loovedd itt.