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Question by Malibu: I need ideas for a Vegas-themed wedding reception, but my main color is royal blue?
I'm getting married in December 2012 in Las Vegas and am having a reception in Wisconsin the following February. My main colors are Royal Blue, Silver,and Black, but I'd like to have a Vegas theme. Any suggestions, pictures, links, and/or ideas? I am doing most of the planning and have a very tight budget, so the cheaper. the better or any DIY ideas would be great! Thanks!

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  1. Lea this website has invitations that look like the Vegas sign. Try looking at Caesar’s Wedding Favours who have done a lot of this in the past and have a part of their website dedicated to it for more ideas.

  2. Misha

    give it some Vegas look… add more vibrant colors to your theme to make it more like Vegas and try to add some fun and entertainment along with sophistication. Make sure the cake has more of a charming and fun thing in it … hope this link helps u along …. best of luck and congos in advance :)

  3. bad girl

    Very tacky but suitable for Vegas.

  4. tararejuvena

    I would do a whole play on the nightlife in Vegas, since your colors would go with that. Oriental trading company has tons of inexpensive things to use

  5. Plain Graces

    We managed to make a playing card for one of my sister-in-law’s groom cake. We found stack able/build able playing cards from Oriental Trading and got an idea of an arch made from playing cards in an Alice In Wonderland book. We bought some used playing cards from the casinos on a bordering state and cut little slits to piece them together and build small arches for the table. We also found a lot of cards from auctions and rummage sales.

    I think mini card arrangements would be great centerpieces. Poker chips would be a fun alternative to drink tickets or you could use them along the centers of the table.

    Ask cousins or close friends to be “drink” servers and have them circle the room with trays of free drinks or pop.

    Congrats and good luck!

    I am a bit busy, but if I think of some fun ideas I will let you know.

  6. rswpbc

    You can either hire an entertainment company that has game tables (about $ 300) which usually includes a blackjack table, a roulette table and a wheel. If you want to add more, set up a table where everyone can play poker. Have a couple of friends act as cocktail servers. Your colors are fine with the vegas theme. Get some poker chips and paint them in your color theme. Print out round stickers with your names or take individual playing cards and print labels with your wedding invitation on them as favors.

  7. Tim

    There are a lot of different ways you could do this.

    -First, I would not have a casino night. Its fun for some events, but tacky for weddings.

    -Instead of numbers, name the tables after Vegas inspired movies and songs, i.e. Viva Las Vegas, Ocean’s 11, The Hangover, etc..

    -Instead of a DJ hire a (good) Elvis impersonator. Everyone likes Elvis and he is easy to dance too.

    -When you get married, buy a bunch of the used playing card decks from various casinos and give them out as wedding favors. They only cost about $ 1 each if you buy a lot of them. Tie a ribbon around them with a little card with your names and wedding date.

    -If you know someone with artistic skills, get them to draw some of the LV icons like New York New York, Paris, Luxor, and other famous NY landmarks.

    -Get some posters of famous Vegas acts like Elvis, Sammy Davis Jr., and Frank Sinatra for decoration. You can also get a poster of the Welcome to LV sign and put that at the entrance.