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Most popular wedding reception utah county eBay auctions:

Question by K Lime: Does anyone know of any good wedding sites in Utah?
I'm getting married in July next year and am looking for a wedding/reception site that can be outdoors or indoors. Or maybe even up a canyon but i am not sure of places i could have it. If you have any places in Utah, preferably Utah county so south of salt lake city, please let me know. Or share where you had yours that would be great.
Thank you

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Answer by planner
here are a number of places for you to check out.

and for a number of other choices in your area, try here

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  1. sweets

    This looks like it might be what you want but it’s far away.

    Also, what about “This is the Place Heritage Park?”

    I didn’t see a lot of places that made it easy to have a wedding in a canyon, but this place does. I hope it helps!

    Best wishes!