Muslims what do you think Saudi Arabia’s punishment policies in relation to Islam?

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Question by Girl of Russia: Muslims what do you think Saudi Arabia's punishment policies in relation to Islam?
for example they executed this person for which craft by chopping the head off in front of the public, and I also heard something about the government wanting to execute this twitter blogger because of his opinion on prophet Mohammed. So, is this is in favor of Islam?

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Answer by The Inspector
Opinion is not bad but misguiding others with it is unacceptable.

Before the troll strikes:;_ylt=AtbL9eL0qN5zI1IkftOswJMM_dw4;_ylv=3?qid=20120507011741AA002Zq

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  1. Nadir Nadir

    First Islam religion is how people believing in god and prophet Mohammed s.a.w. should be people how doing this they need to be good believers and followers of Islam.
    Islam isn’t in one place like Arabia Saudi. Islam showing as how treat people like you treat your self and there’s not differant between white and black or other an example:the prophet Mohammed s.a.w said: if my doughter steal I will cut her hand.

  2. pantherlake2002

    I wish Saudi Arabia establish Sharia Law instead of picking and choosing,

  3. Sahmir

    Not everything out of the Middle-East is Islamic. Muslims should know the difference between culture and religion sadly today a lot do not know the difference.

  4. o2cute4u_88

    Yes, it is in favor of Islaam.

  5. Life Guru

    Edit: Ahmed@ you said “And I believe that your claim about being offered generous whatever to stop what you were doing is a blatant lie”

    That is exactly my point, you are in the habit of accepting and rejecting information without verification and validation according to your ….. How do you guys put it? yes “Desires” and of course the other one “without knowledge” :)

    Edit: The issue is not rejecting or accepting Hadith, the real issue is authentication and verifiability. Ahad Hadith have zero value in Islam and it does not change because a Sahabi said so. Please read my related post here;

    May God guide us all and free us from the influence of the Mullah Islam.

    Edit: Wahabi/Salafis are just another sect, an off shoot from the Hanbali school who thinks that they have a monopoly on what was said and done by the Prophet Pbuh and to drive home their point they also lay claim to the first three generations of Sahaba, stand in line as they say :) its the same story as any other sect revolving around personalities, Abdul Al-Wahhab a political personality is their pinup hence the interchangeable label of Wahabi/Salafi and they prefer the distorted extremist violent interpretations of Islam. They promote;

    They insist on stoning as punishment. (an unbelievable farce embedded in deception)
    They insist the age of marriage for girls is 9 years and some even testing the 8 year threshold (one wonders, what could be the motive)
    They insist on silence of the girl as consent (just imagine)
    They insist on beards and Niqab/Hijab as obligatory
    They insist on death penalty for leaving Islam (what are they thinking)
    They insist on obeying unjust rulers (perhaps most are related to this gem)
    They insist on instant divorce (of course this right is exclusive for the man)
    They propagate abrogation of Quranic verses (an impossibility but they need this one badly to complete the deception)
    They insist on declaring Muslims who oppose the above farce as Kafirs

    Needless to say none has any basis in the Quran once again in total contradiction to their claim that they follow the Quranic verses closely. They do the opposite. The proof is the sudden twisting of meanings of words like ayat, Al-Hikma, zina, Siddiqoon, khimar, zeenatahunna, darab, zulufann all mysteriously change meaning .when challenged, expect a so and so said so :)

    Its next to impossible to verify the claims of sects, the success of sects depends on deception of its own members as well as others, a more accurate picture is drawn by studying their official theological cover and their actual practices which are not always in sync.

    Once an obscure sect but came alive of late with the help of the petro dollars and the aggressive manner in which it is promoted in print and on the Internet. Zakir Naik of Peace TV is their most recent effort.


    They have no relation to Islam, their version is based on the take of mere misguided mortals who still insist on the earth being flat (Please look up Baz) and in direct contradiction to the clear worded 100% verifiable guide the Quran.

    Edit: Ahmed@ My response to those who habitually keep quoting secondary sources is; If your beliefs are solely based on the reviews done by others and if your opinion of my beliefs is also based on the reviews done by others then we have nothing to discuss because neither your beliefs nor your opinions are your own.

    Salafi@ I hear that the Wahabis actually pay people to troll these public forums and spreading their suffocating beliefs, in fact I was approached to stop outing them in return for “generous” rewards. I declined of course, what about you ?

  6. Ahmed

    @Life Guru Sheikh Bin Baz rahimahullah whom you just slighted had done more for this religion that every quranist …….put together ….ever……..and his named will be remembered for hs contributions while you and your ilk while just fizzle out eventually…….thank you

    And your response sounds good.But then everything that sounds good isnt good as w all know. The companions learned the quran from the prophet muhammad salla allahu alayhi wassalaam and they did not go about interpreting the quran in a way which differed from how the prophet explained verses and what they related to And I will stick to that understanding and not formulate my own philosophical notions of what verse in the quran mean or relate to At the end of the day you quranists are philosopher and are deemed disbelievers but a majority of scholars because you reject the very verses in the quran which you claim to follow

    And I believe that your claim about being offered generous whatever to stop what you were doing is a blatant lie The truth stands on its own always has always will as it has for the past 1400 and some odd years …….and those upon falsehood will fizzle out as they have in the past


    Witch craft is heinous crime which ddestrys several families.Islam recommends such person death penalty.One evil criminal person cannot be allowed to destroy inneberable families life and therefore rightly deserve punishment.
    This “twitter blogger”could have kept his opinion of Prophet to himself,but obviously he is playing the role of salman rushdi and there is no less punishment for such criminals than capital punishment in islam.
    Yes it is 100% favorable to islam.
    An indviduals rights to abuse the belief against Truth cannot be given priority over the exemplary conduct of the most Noble personality of whole human history.Prophet Muhammad sallahualayhiwasallam.
    Life guru is a Aahad hadith rejector Kafir.Now even Quran too is he criticising with his weird logic.”But such is fate of hadith rejectors.they end up on rejecting Quran.
    Ibne baz donot require anybodys explanation for his fatwas.His fatwas are self explanatory.Only idiots will think ever that by earth is flat he didnot meant in which Quran speaks about earth being spread like a carpet for human beings to benifit from it and not topsy turvy.

  8. Johnathan

    It’s not “in favour” of Islam any more than Zimmerman killing a black teenager “in self defence” was “in favour” of Christianity.

    The laws are laws and you don’t transgress them regardless of the country your in. You don’t drive 60 in a 40 zone and then start accusing the policeman of being sexist, racist, bigoted when he catches you do you?

    If you really cared then you would take on the establishment BEFORE you do the crime. If the law say you don’t insult a certain person will you die if you don’t do it? of course you won’t. But pissing off the establishment is what troublemakers do.