My hubby’s cousin(my lover),says he likes to father my first child. i like it,also.Can husbands forgive this?

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Question by sweet&nice wife: My hubby's cousin(my lover),says he likes to father my first child. i like it,also.Can husbands forgive this?
All day today, we've been making unforgettably hot love - my lover & me right my matrimonial bed. My husband is away for two days on business trip, & so we are taking advantage of this great time. i confess that i'm having the best sex i could ever ask for right now, that when my lover asked for this favor of making me the mother of his child, i just couldn't refuse. I allowed him to explode his sperm into my womb at climax after climax. We're so crazy about each other we practically tried every conceivable position so as to make the baby we want. I know this is unfair to my workaholic husband, but i am starting to get addicted to his cousin. However, i don't wanna divorce him(my husband) as his cluelessness to what i&his cousin does behind his back makes the sex so exciting. My question is, if my husband finds out that i'm pregnant with his cousin's child, does a cuckold usually forgive? I know my husband loves me so much he may do so. But i need some assurances from you, guys.Thanks.

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Answer by grandm
If he does forgive you, he's an idiot!

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  1. Aaralyn

    Unbelievable… I can’t believe you’d cheat… I hate people like you!!! Get a divorce if you want to sleep around!!!!

  2. Black & Gold Blood

    He should probably divorce you for your improper grammar.

  3. MEYost

    First of all, what trailer park do you come from? You can not be serious. Of course he won’t forgive you, that is his own blood.

  4. guraqt2me

    I know this is a joke. You represent the female sex … and I know no woman in her right or wrong mind would be so stupid to even, post a question like this … DRY UP !

  5. Shortline Mom

    I feel that you should just tell your husband that this is what you want and if he disagrees try starting a life with the cousin you say he is what you want ? You should not do this behind your husbands back cheating is wrong and never ends well . If you are able to cheat you must not love your husband any ways.

  6. gatorgirl2e80

    what you are doing is wrong and not fair to him you will go to hell for this and i hope he takes you for everything. women like you make me sick..

  7. Married Cutie

    You don’t deserve to be married. I hope your husband finds out and divorces you immediately. JUST REMEMBER KARMA – IT’S COMING.

  8. nursesr4evr

    I believe you’re trying to be funny, but the straight answer for any kids out reading this is:
    I tell my husband not to go behind my back, bring her home and introduce her first. But we have different vows than you do, I’m sure. Maybe you won’t get caught, but you have to live with yourself.

  9. McMayhem

    Ding dong, it’s your doorbell.
    Quick, get your fuzzy kmart robe on and answer the door.
    Oh look honey, it’s Jerry Springer……………….

    You cannot be serious!? I hope you dont get pregnant, the poor kid!

  10. April

    He will probably think you are a whore and then he will hate you AND his cousin and it will be all your (both of you) fault.

    Good luck getting forgiveness on that.

  11. luckygurl

    You really have a boring life to ask all these stupid questions. I read your profile/previous questions. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  12. six7foru

    I cant believe your cheating with your husbands cousin for gods sake. This reminds me of the movie ” Deliverance”


  13. sunbun

    nope—he will never forget either

  14. nudeguy1959

    Don’t listen to these holy roller morons darlin’. As long as you are happy then that is all that matters. I just wish it was me in the bed.

  15. tysgrandma99 do you feel about the statement,,DO ONTO OTHERS AS THY DO UNTO YOU,and what in the hell would you do if your husband wanted to get his ex girlfriend pregnant.

  16. Sharon T

    I’m looking around for the Candid Camera. This question has GOT to be a joke. But thanks for the 2 points.

  17. Druz

    I’m sure this is posted just to get a lot of people worked up… but if you are actually freaking serious you need to be thrown to the wolves. You’re not only screwing your husband over, but that child is going to more than likely have some mental issues once he/she finds out what his/her mother has done! People in this type of situation suck, including you if your serious!

  18. bibus73

    I hope one day your husband will have enough of being humiliated by you

  19. AMBER M

    What episode of Jerry will you be on because I would love to see that one!

  20. gozedown

    you must live in a trailer park in Arkansas

  21. Sean J

    I think he’ll forgive you, right after he makes you watch him castrate then shoot his cousin.

  22. flagger_guy

    You are NOT sweet or nice.
    If you were pregnant with my cousins child, To the curb with you.
    This is the story from scum.

  23. â™ Whiskey Girlâ™ 


  24. gry w

    lol woman you need help …………………..real help………can you spell divorce ,hey look on the bright side ,he might let you keep the trailer …lo lman you need help…lol

  25. brown sugar

    You are so wrong for what your doing!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can the both of you do something like that to some one who you suppose to love like a huband and a family member! I can tell this much God is not please and I pray that you don’t become pregnant with the cousin child! Have you ever heard about the story of David and Basheeba! It isn’t pretty! Long story short their baby never live because of David wrong doings! Take heed to answer, repent and ask God to forgive you and cut the cousin loose!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. hmm

    It doesnt matter if he cant forgive you screw him you can always start all over and marry someone else and have a lover all over again.

  27. wantstoknow

    Have fun darling, but not for long! Your husband is probably having sex with your cousin as well! maybe she will have your husband’s baby! wonderful family!

  28. daber m

    you need to tell you husband that you don’t want to be with him anymore but it is still going to be problems because of the family ties. i think is low down to disrespect you husband like that in you house that is just wrong

  29. US Lisa

    Are you STUPID? You obviously don’t love your husband one small bit or you wouldn’t have slept(?) with his cousin. If I were your husband and found out, I would divorce your butt so quickly it would make your head spin. It’s people like you that give marriage a bad name.

  30. huneygrl1

    you are stupid!!! hopefully he does find out and divorce your disgusting butt!! how do you know that the cousin isn’t sleeping with someone also…have the thought of unprotected sex leading to AIDS crossed your mind. i pray that you dont have a child. it’d be wrong to purposely bring a bastard child into this world to live with such a trashy mother & situation … so you are screwing 2 men without protection…how slutty is that! hopefully his cousin will be so haunted with guilt that he decides to tell your husband, then maybe the cousin will realize how nasty you are then they will both live you. how dare you be looking for some type of assurance for such immoral behavior!! you dont even deserve to be married you have totally disrespected the sanctity of marriage vows