Navy and pink wedding theme ideas needed?

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Question by Christina: Navy and pink wedding theme ideas needed?
We are sticking to the colors above for our Fall wedding 2012 Either Sept or Oct.
Need all ideas to help pull this together. Not Halloween.
We had seen pics of navy and fuschia together and also navy and light pink together
They both look great, but which one to use?
Navy and Fuschia is it. Now we need other kind of ideas.

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Answer by Because I Said So
blue & pink makes me think of a baby shower. I haven't seen those 2 colors used together at a wedding in, well ever that I can think of. I've been to about 25 weddings and here's some themes I've seen:
pewter & juniper (mine)
B&W and fuschia
navy and silver
lavender and silver
brown and pink
brown and lavender
black & red
eggplant & sage

I prefer 1 main/dark color and 1 accent color or metallic.

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Jennifer & Kevin Wedding 2012_07_01 7D-040-edit
wedding 2012

Image by akeg
Photoshop wedding party.

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  1. Kristy

    BOTH look great, I guess the fuschia adds a “wow” factor and the paler pink is a bit more subtle but they both look great!;_ylt=Ajzz6joVt0ta5HVU9MzvVo2bvZx4?p=navy+and+pink+wedding&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701

  2. Messykatt

    They both go together fine, but navy and fuschia look more contemporary, and it’s a great combo! I’d go with that. It also gives you better options for an accent color, although I personally would go with white. But with light pink and navy, it’s hard to think of an accent – white would be weird.

  3. ♥ || ♪♫ Br0wn Eyǝd G!rl ♫♪ || ♥

    I don’t like this idea. Navy is too dark next to pink unless you mean a dark shade of pink like hot pink or magenta. Sorry, just being honest.