Not liking the idea of wearing a bridesmaid dress?

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Question by : Not liking the idea of wearing a bridesmaid dress?
I'm kinda a tomboy and usually wear jeans and hoodies. I really don't think i'd feel comfortable wearing a very girly (and strapless) bridesmaids dress for my friend's wedding.

Is it silly to have doubts over just that?

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Answer by Em
Dont be selfish. Suck it up

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  1. Tom L

    You’re no wearing it for you, you’re wearing it for your friend. Get it on and pretend you think its the height of glamourousness.

  2. almarj70

    As a jeans and t-shirt kind of tomboy who wore a fuchsia pink dress with ruffles, sparkly sandals and enough make up to scare your average drag queen when I was a bridesmaid for one of my best friends I say just suck it up.

  3. belle512

    No it’s not silly to have doubts over it. I mean if your a tom boy your a tom boy, that’s just who you are. But you do have to be there for your friend if you care for her and you want to support her. I don’t think she’s going to have one girl wear something different than all the other girls.
    If you really care for her than yes I think you should just wear the dress just for one day.

  4. Ricardo

    Your feelings are valid. If u r not comfortable in a strapless dress, then don’t do it. Tell your friend that you offer to drop out as a bridesmaids,, or would wear perhaps slacks or a pants suit. But don’t wear a dress that makes u so uncomfortable.

  5. Ashley D

    It’s one day. You just kind of have to deal with it…

  6. ♦lauren ♥ (Edge is my F.H., detective conan rocks)

    it is pretty silly.. It is your friends wedding.. It is only for one day anyway so like the other answers say .. suck it up

  7. ♥ ♥

    The wedding is just one day! You should wear the dress to support your friend. You want to make your friend happy. You might actually feel beautiful in this dress when you try it on. You might feel pretty for a change. Just happy for your friend that she asked you to be in her wedding. It’s a special day for her and you should enjoy it too. Have fun at the wedding!!

  8. Jenny Lynne

    If you have already committed to being a bridesmaid, wear the dress. You may be surprised and no it’s not silly to have doubts “over that” that, that is a big that to you. This is a big change and you will not be dressed as you normally are, thus you will feel uncomfortable, but give it a try.

  9. BohemianDreams

    yes it is

    because its not your wedding

    its her wedding which she asked you to be in and you agreed

    you knew what you were signing up for

  10. Shiloh

    No one likes wearing a bridesmaid dress, but they all do it anyway because they love their friends, even if the dress isn’t their style (which happens crazy often, unfortunately). Your friend asked you to be a part of her wedding party because she cares about you and wants you to be a part of her day. Would you honestly consider going to your friend’s wedding in jeans and a hoodie? Or worse yet, not go to the wedding because you couldn’t? Suck it up and wear the dress, it’s one day.

  11. Poppet

    Either get over it or step out of the bridal party.

  12. ChemoAngel

    One day won’t kill you. And you just may like the way you look in it. :)

  13. tra la la la la la

    wearing the dress is part of the job, you might not like it but you wear it for your friend to support her on her special day. as lon as your friend thinks you look nice then dont worry about it.
    if you dont want to wear the dress then step down as bridesmaid.

  14. beaandbunny05

    I was in a similar situation for my sisters wedding. Her wedding colors were sage and lilac. She decided all of the bridesmaids dresses would be sage. We went and tried a bunch on at David’s Bridal. I felt ridiculous. I was about 13. She found one she absolutely loved on me. Her eyes lit up when she saw it. I could instantly tell it was the one she wanted me to wear. She asked me if I liked it. I felt like it was too tight on my stomach, chest, sides, arms. I really didn’t like the way it fit me, but I knew it would hurt her feelings if I told her that, so I told her I loved it. She bought the dress and had everyone else get the same one to match. Looking back at the pictures now, not being such an insecure young girl, I really looked beautiful.

    In short, it’s just one day. Even though it’s not what you’re comfortable with, it’s what she wants. Wear a pair of spandex shorts under if you’re not used to having no material between your legs. I’m sure you’ll look lovely, and you’ll make your friend very happy.

  15. Katey

    Short answer – just deal with it for the one day. It will make her happy.

    However, if you realllllly feel uncomfortable, ask the bride if she would mind if you wore the dress for the ceremony and for pictures, and the entrance to the reception, but changed into something more comfortable for the dancing portion of the night. She may be happy for your efforts.

  16. Cara

    I can understand your discomfort – fancy dresses aren’t really my thing either – but you have to decide what’s more important to you: wearing what you want, or being able to stand up with your friend on her wedding day. There’s no right or wrong answer, but be prepared for the consequences of whichever one you pick. For me, I’d say I’d suck it up, be a little uncomfortable, and take this chance to be there for my friend (assuming she’s a very close friend).

    If the strapless part in particular bothers you, maybe ask if you can wear a jacket or wrap over it during the ceremony. If that’s not OK with her, again, I would just deal with it for the length of the ceremony and then wear something over it at the reception.

  17. Zelia

    Ask your friend if it would be ok to wear the dress to the church ceremony and the photos and then can you change into something else for the reception? Maybe that will be ok with her and then you both get what you want. She gets a bridal party that is all matching dresses and you get to be comfortable and relaxed for the party part of the evening. It’s worth asking…..