Obtaining a birth certificate for a dead person.Zimbabwe?

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Question by mielo: Obtaining a birth certificate for a dead person.Zimbabwe?
my mom is trying to acquire a birth certificate for her father as he was never registered in the then rhodesia, as she wants to apply for a ancestry visa for the uk through her scottish grandfather.The embassy really wants one.Any advice?

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Answer by NoMeVoYcAbRoNeS
All I can say say is .......if there is a courthouse(or somewhere where they keep hte records of those things,like a hospital),Ask them.Call and ask.

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  1. numbat

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  2. xxangelchicxx2000

    i think an effidivit should wrk..have some old but not so old like in there 50’s person sign a paper that says that he/she knew ur grandfater and he was indeed ur mother’s father and that he used to live in scotland…..thats wat we did when we first cam to us….ma parents lost there birth certificates so they had there aunts and uncles make em a effidivit…also u have to get it embross or watever it called form the bank..oh and get it signed and named form the person who makes u an effidivit

  3. Aldebaran

    I am not sure what embassy you are trying to get in touch with but — there are services that “cost” that will inquire into family ancestry My suggestion is start with Yahoo.com …. and start searching… you should turn up something

    I hope this helps