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Question by Kourtney-is actually havin a BOY: What is a good Idea for my husband for valentines day?
We are newly wed and also trying to conceive this month. Should I get him chocolates or do men like roses or what is a good traditional or fun thing to do for my husband. He is 23 and a drafting major. Please help me!

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Answer by codyg020
Get him a gold chain with a medallion.

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  1. ballin_on_a_budget4202003

    men dont want flowers or candy,they want head and beer

  2. christydoll21

    You should get him dark chocolates, as that is an aphrodisiac. That would help to conceive. I don’t think men would care for roses. Just stick with the chocolates, or make chocolate fondue and dip strawberries together. Strawberries are an aphrodisiac as well. Make him a good dinner if you are not going out, such as a big juicy steak.

  3. detroiter1967

    Well, my hubby of almost 7.5 yrs. had a craving for cake/cupcakes. He said he got his fix by getting some ho-ho’s from the vending machine at work. So, with that thought I bought some cupcakes and a nice card from his two babies ( our toddler son/me). He didn’t want me to spend a lot of $ on him. So, some of his favorite candy/sweets would be nice or something pertaining to his major. Maybe some nice drafting materials ( mechanical pencils, straight edge, or maybe a coupon book) those seem to be on the rise. You can purchase them or make one up yourself as a personal thing. This coupon is good for one back massage, or guys night out, etc. whatever fits yours/his personalities/interests. Hope this helped and congrats on the marriage many happy years to you and your man. Good Luck with the baby. Sometimes if you stress too much and try too hard it won’t happen. so, if it does it does. When you least expect it is when it’ll happen too much stress on both of you will cause problems on conceiving. Been there done that. Best of luck to you both. Happy Valentines Day to the Newlyweds! woo hoo happy valentines baby, we’re having a baby would be an awesome gift. LOL