Please how is lady pajamas different to mens?

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Question by Pinnochio Jones: Please how is lady pajamas different to mens?
Please share with me what special features are included, do they have different designer for lady pajama?
Can lady wear man pajama?
What would happen?
Just curious.

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Answer by LuthienTinuviel
They're pretty much the same except that the women's pajamas are sometimes frillier. Nothing happens if a woman wears men's pajamas except that she wears men's pajamas. I've done it myself. Men can wear women's pajamas, too. I have a male friend who does that.

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Comments (8)

  1. RockNRollTrain

    theres really no difference between mens and womens pajamas….. yeah a lady cna wear mens pajamas my sister does all the time…lol…

  2. sammers

    YOU GUYS HAVE POCKETS!! i’m wearing guy’s pajama pants right now :-) comfy

  3. bender_xr217

    As far as form goes, a woman’s pajama at relatively the same size as a man’s (comparatively) Would just be wider at the hips and have a more feminine pattern on it.
    As for function, there really is no difference. They both are meant for sleeping in.

  4. Forager

    Only thing I can think of is that ladies PJ’s are WAY more fun to take off their wearer 😉

  5. Chazzer

    They are about the same. Men’s PJs are cut in style for men.

    One item i did notice is the buttons on women’s PJ are backwards compared to mens. Dont exactly recall if it was just PJs or in general. At the time i do recall thinking this helped the opposite sex to unclothe their partner! lol

  6. Kevin Cheeser

    All I can think of is that mens pajamas has a fly in the front. I don’t know if all womens do or not.

  7. mastarider

    mens pjs have a little cut in the front for peeing and it is annoying when you sit it opens up and you can see in it so whare underware when you sleep whith mans Pjs kidding

  8. Erin

    Buttons are backwards because way back when men used to dress women and it was easier for them to have the buttons that way (long story story, haha)

    Mens pajamas have a hole in the front for using the restroom.

    The designs are different.
    You can wear whichevery pajamas you prefer, doesn’t really matter…