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Question by : What to text her to make her smile?
I am talking to this girl and I was wondering from a girls point of view what I could say to really make her smile.

Best answer:

Answer by gιяℓ иєχт ∂σσя
send her a corny joke, my bf does that all the time and I just laugh because he's sweet like that

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Comments (18)

  1. Jordan Hazelton

    I wanna make you my girl :)
    Goodmorning beautiful :)

  2. KaylaJ

    Hey beautiful(: Cant wait to see you again. :) i miss you. :) you’re precious, you know that? :)

    That always makes me smile. (:

  3. GuitarGirl42

    You should tell her something that you really like about her. For Example her eyes. Don’t be too weird and say like “you are so sexy”. That makes girls feel weird and kind-of awkward. Or, you could just steel a line from “Just The Way You Are” by: Bruno Mars. :) That works too.

  4. MATT


  5. Dancebby

    “Hey you , with the pretty smile , the one thats reading this text .. yea you , wassup?(:”,

    “i was looking for someone to text who is adorable, and cute ; but i thought it’d be weird if texted myself, so i texted you instead(:”

    “Hey, Beautiful”

  6. Brianna Bogart

    I was thinking about you :)

  7. Kayla S

    Tell her all the reasons you like her. tell her what you thought of her the first time you met.

  8. B H Mine please??

    Jokes, and tell her stuff like, “You’re beautiful” or “You’re perfect”, or “You’re everything I want.” Or say, “I want to give you everything someday, because you’ve given me everything just by being you.”

  9. Eva Girl

    Try a really really cheesy pickup line. Like “did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Cuz with a face like that, you must be an angel.” I always find thoughs soooo adorable, even if it is a joke. 😀 good luck

  10. D. S

    Yeah really just compliment her! When that happens my face gets warm and I have to smile!

  11. Kayla

    Something cute like “the strangest thing reminded me of you today” like a memory you guys had together

    so that she’ll know you’re thinking of her through the day =) i bet you she’ll reply with an “aww<3” lol (:

  12. Sara Alexandra

    just tell her, she has a beautiful smile. That will make her smile for a week:)

  13. Michael Ferry

    just say something that makes absolutely no sense and unpredictable. Works on my GF.

  14. Kylie Penta

    Compliment her, about how much you think shes pretty, and how youd love to be with her. call her beautiful. And just tell her what you like about her in general. I loved when my boyfriend would compliment my eyes and smile. And how he would tell me he was having a terrible day, but when he say my smile, it would change his day to wonderful.

  15. mr_gentle_stranger_69

    Ok i am a lesbian trapped in a mans body. lol. so i guess that qualifies me to answer. use your romantic imagination and text her small bits over a couple of days with a romantic tale about you and her. but use no vulgar language in doing so. trust me she wiill do more than smile.

  16. ♥τħє♫Łaςτ♫Фf♫τĥε♫αмεяісαn♫giяŁς♥

    hey gorgeous/beautiful/cutie/etc.
    every time you send a smiley face, i think of your adorable smile :)
    how are you so cute? :)
    you always make me smile :)
    corny jokes work pretty well too haha
    answer mine, please?

  17. ☺Hello World☺

    tell her shes gorgeous or say something weird but funny

  18. ♥LoveMe♥

    Because guys like you
    are the reason they made waterproof mascara.

    We go to school for thirteen years
    & the one thing they never teach
    us is how to say goodbye..

    You don’t go to high school to find your groom,
    you go to find your bridesmaids!

    Zack: OW! Papercut! Kiss it Mr. Moseby?
    Mr. Moseby: You can’t even see it.
    Zack: You can’t see a broken heart either,
    but it still hurts.

    -The Suite Life of Zack and Cody-

    Here’s a tip for all the guys;
    if you don’t think she loves you anymore,
    ask her, you might be wrong.

    Live every moment, love every day,
    `cause before you know it,
    precious time slips away

    Its like a routine. i fall for you on monday. i like you tuesday-thursday. you make me mad on friday. i think about you all weekend. but the second i see you again on monday, i fall all over again.-
    Math is emo ;
    because well
    no one understands it.

    News flash :
    when a girl says she’s cold,
    you’re not supposed to say, ” me too. ”

    Love your enemies just in case
    your friends turn out to be a bunch of bastards

    I don`t want your boyfriend.
    Nobody wants your boyfriend.
    That’s why he`s with you =]

    Isn’t it funny how when you want it the
    most, you can’t have it and when you
    have it, you don’t care and once you
    lose it, you’d do anything to get it back?

    I LOVE SCHOOL. cept for that learning part. Yea that’s really gotta go.

    The only rule is don`t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.

    Dear Boy,
    So maybe you & I were supposed to end this way, both going in our own directions. We are two completely different people and no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t overcome our differences. No, I’m not sad that it’s over between us, but yet I’m not happy either. We had something special, but in the end the sparks just didn’t cut it. Anyways, I’m mostly writing this letter to tell you I’ve met someone else, someone else who can make me smile & give me butterflies. Someone who reaches for my hand first and likes to rub my thumb, just like you did. He knows that I love it when boys hold the door open for me & I love to joke around. He makes me happier then I’ve been in a long time. Maybe he could be the one, who knows? But Boy, I want to thank you, you showed me what love was, what love meant. I hope someday you find the perfect girl, because obviously I never was and never will be; at least not for you. I wish you all the love & happiness in the world; all I ever wanted was for you to be happy and I guess now, I’m finally getting my wish. Goodbye boy, never forget me. I love you!
    Sincerely, Me

    It’s not the fact that i miss being your girlfriend..
    i just i miss being in your life.

    When all else fails, dress cute :]]

    I don’t have friends. I have enemies.
    So if you roll with me, your considered family.

    If you hear someone outside your window yelling ..
    “You Freakin` Ahole!” don’t worry, my best friend
    found out that you b r o k e my heart!

    Friends will always be like:
    “well, you deserved better…”
    but best friends will be
    prank calling him saying:
    “you will die in 7 days !”

    People always say best friends will trade the icky purple popcicle for the yummy pink one, but that’s not true, because my best friends say ***** you just eat the da mn thing.

    Two people who broke up could never
    be friends. But if they are, then they
    were never in love or they still are.

    [my ex and I still are…im not really sure which is the case lol]

    We’re the kind of friends
    that’d kill each other for a
    handful of Doritos,
    chocolate chip cookies
    or grapes and in the end
    we don’t say sorry, we say
    “Haha, too bad ******.”

    i don’t flirt..
    i socialize

    A friend would hand you
    and umbrella in the rain
    but a best friend would
    take your umbrella and
    scream “RUN ****** RUN”

    “Marge I can’t wear a pink shirt. All the guys are wearing white shirts! I’m not popular enough to be different.”
    -Homer Simpson