Police not amused by motorcyclist's freeway marriage proposal

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Police not amused by motorcyclist's freeway marriage proposal
The video shows several hundred motorcyclists slow to a stop and then surround a biker who promptly released a plume of pink smoke, removed his helmet and dropped to one knee to propose to his girlfriend, who had been riding on the back of the bike ...
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Salinas native charged in lover's slaying testifies
Other than a wedding day and a marriage proposal, I can't think of a day more...- 3:14 am. Gail Scandrett: What's 'odd,' anyway? 'What's for .... Arias said she broke it off because "he had all kinds of wild ideas." "He entertained the belief in ...
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The Gruesome, True Inspiration Behind 'Frankenstein'
True, he had wanted out of his marriage, but not by killing his wife and his child. He had been relatively drunk that evening ... Though Aldini knew that his proposal seemed farfetched to some, it had not come about without assiduous study and ...
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Slatest PM: Obama's Sequester-Delaying Proposal
Obama's Sequester-Delaying Proposal: Washington Post: "President Obama on Tuesday called on Congress to pass a small package of spending cuts and tax changes to delay the start next month of deep reductions in domestic and defense spending that ...
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