Q & A with Assistant Football Coach Shannon Morrison

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Q & A with Assistant Football Coach Shannon Morrison
Coach Morrison: The biggest advantage is that I already know his personality and what he prefers from his assistants. When you are working for a new head coach it is kind of like a honeymoon phase where you are trying to figure what he is about and how ...
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Bellingham's Sam Chue performs at Kulshan Brewing on March 2
A: In Bellingham I play at The Old Town Cafe, The Underground Coffee House at Western Washington University, the sidewalk of Railroad Avenue, open mics at The Honeymoon, The Green Frog and Poppe's. I also play around Seattle and Bellingham in the ...
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Balty's precious pet returns
She said Shasta suffered from skin conditions and allergies and had to be fed a special diet and given medication. "We're so happy to have her back," Mrs Hawkins said. "We're calling it a second honeymoon." "I'm just so grateful that the microchip ...
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I Want My DVD: Tuesday, February 26, 2013
... Team Edward permanently through marriage, a sex-fueled honeymoon (since, now that they're hitched, sexytime is A-OK) and, finally, a baby. All that exposition pays off in the far more redonkulous (and therefore, far more enjoyable) Breaking Dawn ...
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