Q&A: About how much would it cost to print a picture that is 25 in by 55.5 inches?

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Question by Joshua: About how much would it cost to print a picture that is 25 in by 55.5 inches?
One of my man hobbies is stained glass and I need to have a pattern printed off to fit in a door. It needs to be 25 by 55.5 inches. I have tried to find price quotes online, but I haven't had much luck. Can anyone give me a rough idea of how much each print would be?

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Answer by Layne
I am contacting the police because you like to stain men as a "man hobbie"

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The Man Cave Book
best man hobbies
Image by Earthworm
I need a man cave. Or perhaps A Man Da Cave. This book spoke to a piece of me that has been waiting to be identified and named. When domesticity renders one's home magazine photo-shoot ready because one's spouse insists on a certain tasteful level of decor. When entertainment protocol involves tablecloths that must be ironed, dishes that must go together and the best silver put out. When the door is closed to the industrious mess in one's room, it is time to carve out a space of one's own that isn't recognized as a part of the house.

I laughed with recognition at similar sentiments expressed in the introduction to this book. Wives having taken over the house and rendering husbands uncomfortable in their own home. College trophies, sports paraphernalia, outdoor signs, Christmas lights and beer bottles exiled to the basement or garage, thus starting a collection of sorts that then acquired a couch or two and became a pad for the neighborhood guys. I've seen such garages with their doors open and men hanging out. These are not those spaces.

In their own kitschy, oddball, single obsession way, these man caves are just as slick, style driven and expensive, for the most part, as the interiors in books with titles like Mediteranean Style, Japan Style et al. These interiors have walls that are painted with a color scheme albeit bright, the collections are displayed in an orderly fashion and sometimes even in plexiglass display cases. Though the texts speaks of ratty sofas, most seen here are luxurious, hefty and often upholstered in leather. The look does tend to run to a certain working class, lazy boy comfy style. But very, very manly in a defiant anti-style sort of way. Designers are, after all, gay.

The difference between the cave and other "style" interiors is that they are built as shrines to something besides a designer's aesthetic. And that is ultimately their appeal to me. These man caves are devoted to something meaningful to the owner, a hobby, a passion, an obsession. There is also a section that praises clutter as a joyful celebration of abundance modeled on nature's tropical jungle and that just allows for more obsession. But even the clutter adheres to a theme, a collectors discernment.

The author's humor speaks to a teenage irreverence for surroundings, chastising the reader about being a slob and there is a two page spread of tits and ass artifacts and another of guns on display, but these are tokens. The real stories behind these spaces reveal a devotion to civility and a responsibility to wives and family that is quite endearing. The man of such integrity needs a man cave to get away from his responsibilities. I immediately recognized this to be exactly why I cultivate my obsessions with expedition gear, alternative vehicles and tiny houses.

Apart from a workshop devoted to fishing reels, I was disappointed that there were not more collections devoted to gear or at least a flashlight collection, but that seems to work against the idea of lounging about watching TV and drinking beer. So most themes run to spectator sports, bar type games and rock bands. I'm not really the lounging about type. I was already up and running staking out my man-da cave, cleaning out the garage and assembling my collections thinking about how I would anti-decorate my space.

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  1. PhilinNWfla

    The price will vary depending on where you live, one half that size is $ 25 – 30 so double it and say $ 60 to be on the safe side.