Q&A: At a reception after a destination wedding should the bridal party wear the formal wear from the wedding day?

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Question by rice215: At a reception after a destination wedding should the bridal party wear the formal wear from the wedding day?
I am having a destination wedding in Key West, FL. I am not sure if we should rewear our formal wear at the wedding reception.

The wedding attire at the ceremony will be formal wedding attire if that makes a difference.

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Answer by cookin'gal
well, they go through all of the trouble to get all dolled up so why not!? I say go for it. You dont get to dress up very often, so enjoy it while you can, plus it makes for really nice pics!

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Comments (8)

  1. Bear

    i say let them choose if they want to change or not sense it summer time they may want to change to something cooler if your receptionis outside or not .

  2. Boo Boo Kitty

    I see no sense in spending a small fortune on a dress for the ceremony and getting another for the reception use the same clothes everyone already saw it anyway why change now.

  3. R. B.

    If the reception is immediately after the wedding, then wear the formal clothes. If there are hours or days between, then I’m sure the clothes won’t be as fresh as they were at the wedding. Your call.

  4. blondiefrank

    I had my wedding on the beach in Fl also and I wore my formal attire to the reception. I spent a lot of time finding the perfect dress and I was going to wear it as long as I could!

  5. bnschult10

    I would jsut say stick in what you got! We are having a destinationw edding, but after planning coordinating outfits etc. we are wearing the same thing to the reception. Plus you still have the bridal party dance, etc. Is the reception indoors? By that time the should be in the A.C. and fine in the formal wear, no diff. then a regular reception. If it is outdoors, you might want to let them know they can change into something more comfortable later, if you’re okay with it! Congrats on the Wedding!

  6. Lisa C

    If you are the bridge, groom, best man or bridesmaids, it is generally custom to wear the same attire. If you are just a guest it doesnt matter.

  7. melouofs

    Why not? What else would they wear? If you’re having a formal wedding, the reception is probably pretty formal also. I’d stick with the same.

  8. Jay

    Absolutely wear it again, I am when i have my party when we get back from Cuba. Its up to everyone else if they are wearing it again but I know I will be!!!
    Congrats xx