Q&A: Can anyone recommend a good Vintage Port for a wedding gift?

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Question by Hey now...: Can anyone recommend a good Vintage Port for a wedding gift?
I want to give this as a wedding gift they can drink on their 10th or 20th anniversary. Every wine site I read is trying to sell their inventory and every description boasts how great this particular wine is. Anyone here have experience in this department? Something under $ 70 as it is not the only gift I am giving. Thank you!

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Answer by Chuck M
You can try Warres. Their ports start at around $ 20 and go up from there. Even their $ 20 ports are good.

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  1. Kat

    According to my port-loving husband, you can’t go wrong with a Warre’s, Dow’s, or Taylor Fladgate, vintage ’86 or ’91. They are drinkable now, but will continue to age nicely for the next couple decades at least. The Dow’s ’86 can be found for $ 65-$ 75, if you scout around. The ’91 would be a bit cheaper, but not much, so I’d get the ’86 if you can.

    What a wonderful gift idea — I’m sure they’ll love it.

  2. Trid

    Taylor Fladgate 20 year tawny port (~$ 50 USD) would fit your needs very well. If you could squeeze the extra $ 40-50, the 30 year tawny port is actually well worth it (runs around $ 95 and up).
    The port is wonderful, and the bottle is very classy and vintage looking, so the presentation is as nice as its contents.

    Fonseca is another I’m fond of and is among the more affordable…good “bang for your buck” if you’re bundling it with other presents.

    Still, if faced with a choice, I’d pick the Taylor Fladgate.