Q&A: Can having more kids save a marriage that started with an unplanned pregnancy?

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Question by **Choo Choo's Baq!**: Can having more kids save a marriage that started with an unplanned pregnancy?
To get the man to stay committed to the marriage. Would having more kids help stave off divorce or quicken it?

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Answer by Anthony Haslam
This isn't a question you should be bringing to Yahoo answers. Maybe the two of you should talk, and see a therapist. Jesus, I hope you aren't serious...

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Comments (12)

  1. Canada Force

    It would help you loot your husbands bank account when you do divorce.

  2. June M

    You can’t make someone love you no matter what the enticement. More children just means more children to be hurt and cared for by a single parent. The only way to save a marriage is find common ground between the husband and wife.

  3. hot lips

    If 1 is not holding it I doubt many will. More stress

  4. no1advice

    This is a no brainer! Of course it will cause more problems financially and emotionally only to quicken a divorce. In fact your best bet is to get on the pill or something reliable and show the man your trying to be smart about this. Just think of the cost for another child. The cost of day care, the cost of medical, the cost of clothes and food….wake up!!

  5. Kenshin

    if you need kids to keep a marriage then your marriage is in trouble.

  6. Shirley Y

    Please don’t have more kids that don’t help any!!!! Work on ur marriage not have babies to fix the issues at hand

  7. groundhog

    It will be the same as adding more passengers to a sinking cruise ship.

  8. Fallen Angel

    I’d hope it would quicken to divorce. Not fair for the kids to have parents who don’t love each other and being used as a weapon.

  9. Rich

    No it can’t. And its a shame you would want to bring a child into this world for that reason. You must be on welfare so it’s a win win situation for you.You think it will either save your marriage or get you more welfare money and food stamps. Where does that leave the children?

  10. BabeHart

    Kids aren’t a bargaining chip or a marriage saver…all that means is she’ll most likely end up a single Mom, trying to support multiple kids…and he’ll be liable for a chunk of child support…

    A failing marriage needs to have the issues that are causing the failure resolved…kids just tend to add to the stress and problems (if they are unplanned)…

  11. Poopsie Mellish

    No because you have more mouths to feed and no time together. Go to the grocery store and check out the prices of diapers and formula alone!

  12. Spade

    I think a better idea for you would be to get your tubes tied- you do not need to be reproducing.