Q&A: can you tell me the best affordable 5 stars hotels in italy?

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Question by Rana: can you tell me the best affordable 5 stars hotels in italy?
i am going on my honeymoon to rome, florence, and venice i wanted to know the best 5 stars hotel there but the affordable ones? can you help me? please provide me with links and all??thanks alot

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Answer by jamalpanhwar
The best is to do a search on http://www.786hotels.com they will present the hotels offerred from differrent sites and you can chose to book the one that is worth Just enter the name of the city dates.


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Conservatory Suite bathroom
honeymoon 5 star hotels

Image by London Hotels Insight
The gorgeous marbled bathroom of the Conservatory Suite boasts not only a "wet room" style shower but also a spacious whirlpool bath, perfect for a honeymoon stay and romantic getaway.
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  1. lillypad

    I would highly recommend “Hotel Violino d’Oro” in Venice which feels like a 5 star hotel at a 3 star price. It was elegant and truly represented Venice. Everything about it from the luxurious room to a free boat ride to the islands of Murano and Burano (to see glass making) to the delicious breakfast buffet to the central location was fabulous!!!

  2. J P

    Good luck! Shoot for a good 3 or 4 star unless you want to pay over 250 a night.

  3. conley39

    What do you consider “affordable” and when exactly will you be here? Hotel prices vary considerably depending on what’s going on and 5 star hotels are never cheap. I stayed in a 4 star near Piazza San Marco a few weeks ago that was 150 euro per night the first weekend of Carnevale. The next weekend, the same place was 400 euro per night for the last weekend of Carnevale. This weekend it was 80 euro per night.

    The site I use for hotels here in Italy is Venere: http://en.venere.com/italy/ . You’ll be able to sort by star rating, price, ratings by past guests, and particular area in each city. This will provide more specific information regarding prices when you’re actually planning on being here.

  4. federica

    5 stars hotels are not affordable! I’m sorry.

  5. Just Tom

    go to http://www.venere.com

    they list all hotels including the number of stars.

  6. romeoitaly

    Yes, here is a list of 5 star hotels in Rome http://www.romanlife-romeitaly.com/luxury-hotels-rome-italy.html they have been selected from tourist reviews according to value for money and service.

    Plus it goes hand in hand with hotelsCombined, which is a hotel search engine that searches and compares prices of Italy hotel booking companies. http://www.romanlife-romeitaly.com/hotels-in-central-rome.html
    This is probably your best bet for getting the best rates for 5 stars hotels in Italy and Rome.