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Question by will-i-am: comemmemorative medals?

hi i have a Silver Gilt medal that i need help to value? on the front of the medal it has two dates to show the date of marriage 1947 & the date of silver wedding anniversary 1972 also on the front are 2 shields which have the queens flag on one and prince philip`s flag on the other and there is a crown above both shields and also on the front it say`s silver wedding anniversary around the medal, on the back is images of prince philip and the queen the medal was made by heritage medal Ltd and given out by the medal club of great britain and i think the desingner of the coin is geoffrey colley as the coin is marked G colley on the back

if you want a picture of the medal click the link below thanks


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Answer by Dart
When you need help valuing collectibles, you take them to an antique shop.

We couldn't help you if we DID know something about them, but then, we aren't experts in valuing coins/medals...as the title of the forum says, we are experts in ROYALTY. (just because a coin has the image of a royal on it, doesn't make it germaine to the topic.)

DId you know that "Silver Gilt" isn't worth much? It's not real silver...just a very thin layer on the surface.

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  1. Trevor

    A wonderful item indeed, dear boy. I’ll wager it is worth a King’s ransom at the very least, however a more realistic sum would be £50.00 and not a penny less!