Q&A: Could you give me ideas for my vow-renewal ceremony and celebration?

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Question by whoever this is: Could you give me ideas for my vow-renewal ceremony and celebration?
I am renewing my wedding vows with my husband of 7 years. I will be wearing a beautiful wedding dress as I never was able to for our wedding (long story involving my mother-in-law). Thoughts and ideas about how to celebrate, what things to have, things to do? It's just going to be him and I, no guests, but I still want to make it a grand affair. Thank you for all your help in advance!

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I would get a suite at a hotel with a large balcony and a beautiful view for your renewal. Prearrange with the hotel to have room service bring you a meal afterward that you love but rarely have. Make sure it includes champagne and finger foods (feed each other). Enjoy your evening.

Also, if possible get dressed away from your husband. Don't let him see you until after the wedding. If you aren't having it in a location close to a friend or family member, contact the hotel. They should be able to arrange to have an employee help you out.

Lots of flowers too!

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  1. planner

    if you are able to do so, choose a location to have the renewal ceremony that means a great deal to both of you….a favorite park or perhaps a vacation spot you both love.

    ask your officiant if you can do a sand unity ceremony. those are so meaningful and you keep the container of sand afterwards to sit on your shelf or entertainment center, always present to remind you of the renewal of your vows.

    buy each other something really nice as gifts.

    plan a really special dinner, either in some great restaurant you have always wanted to go to or your favorite place, or have a catering company do something really special just for the two of you, or if you are going to a hotel to spend the night, prearrange for a wonderful meal from room service.

    have lots of flowers and candles. buy one of those adult board games to play once you are alone. treat each other to back rubs and in general treat one another like royalty. act as if you are on your first night together and are just getting to know one another and enjoy each other.