Q&A: Debate topics for a game, serious to silly. Anything goes!?

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Question by Miss: Debate topics for a game, serious to silly. Anything goes!?
Any topic or situation where it can be debated on whether one side is right or wrong, or whether a person or group of people are right or wrong.
Ex: a boyfriend and girlfriend 's argument. a case against government and civilian, werewolves vs vampires, superman vs batman, china vs USA, etc.
Literally anything, (the more details the better and basic debate topics are good too.
Serious to silly ideas are all happily accepted.
Ex: Are"womans rights" to blame for the growth rate of failed marriages in America?

These are for a game, and can vary from extremely lengthy and detailed to simple and basic.
For Example, they can vary from: "Christmas Vs Hannukah" to "Amy and Alexander dated 6 years before they got married 2 years ago. Amy is happily married and has every reason to believe her husband is also. He has never given her any reason to question his happiness in their marriage. Amy comes home early from a weekend trip to her mothers as a surprise to her husband Alexander. She rushes inside only to find her husband making love to another woman. Amy freaks out and in an act of rage and passion she grabs a knife from the nearby counter and attacks and kills the "home-wrecker." after stabbing the strange woman five times in the heart, Amy stops and gains control of herself, realizing that she has committed a murder. The police arrive after Alexander calls 911. Should Amy be sentenced to life in prison and/or the death penalty? Or should she be set free?"

Leave as many details as you wish!

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Answer by Jaineshon
Are TVs to blame for the increasing act of violence?

A man who can't swim saw another man struggling in a river and there nobody around. Should he help him?

Horror/murder story plots actually inspire crime. yes/no?

Which is better eating fancy or peasant food?

- Just random topics I thought of.. Hope it helps!

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