Q&A: Did Kate Middleton mess up Prince William’s name?

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Question by Mathmajor Pi: Did Kate Middleton mess up Prince William's name?
We all remember that Princess Di and Fergie both messed up their Prince's names during the vows. And look what happened to those marriages!
Did anyone hear if Princess Katherine got the whole four names correct?
And isn't her actual first name Katherine?

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Prince William exchanges vows with Kate Middleton during their wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London.
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Comments (9)

  1. Nancy F

    as far as I could tell, she got them correct

  2. kristina dumas

    I didn’t hear her mess up. But I don’t think they’ll divorce as this is a marriage of love, not circumstance like with princess diana.

  3. Second Service

    Catherine made no mistakes.

  4. Kate

    she said William Arthur Philip Louis so she got it right.

  5. C.G.

    Catherine said the names in the proper order.

  6. thin lizzy

    She didn’t make any mistakes. Her name, however, is neither Kate Middleton nor Princess Catherine. If she is referred to as Princess then she will be referred to as Princess William.

  7. Winnie L

    Yes, she did mess it up but no big deal. They have such long names to begin with. Given the spotlight she was under, it ain’t surprising and it’s totally excusable. I think this marriage will last, both are very grounded individuals.