Q&A: Do you really give a crap if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes separate?

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Question by Angellover7880: Do you really give a crap if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes separate?
I don't give a flying darn about them or any other celebrity. Marriage,separation,divorce is all a part of life. Am I the only one that feels like this?

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Answer by Cool guy
And not a single f*ck was given that day

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Comments (16)

  1. Jehovah's Witness (soon to be)

    No. hopefully she will marry me

  2. Joseph A

    Literally could not care less.

  3. The Account With No Name

    I don’t own a TV because of that reason.

    I want to watch a good story, not celebrity gossip.

  4. Brendan's The ENIGMA 1

    Not in the Slightest :)

  5. I Am Onizuka!

    I care more about my morning bowel movement.

  6. ☮Sporty☮

    It’s not like it’s shocking, This isn’t the 1st time Tom Cruise has left whoever his with.

    So no, I really don’t care

  7. larson4boys

    yeah , celebrity marriages don’t last too long. suprised this one did for 5 years, just feel sorry for the daughter!

  8. Emma

    The only celebrity i care about is andrew vanwyngarden. He has a very good view of life and being famous. Plus he’s really hot. F*ck everyone else.

  9. woogie boogie boogie

    Sometimes I lay on the floor and pretend I’m a carrot.

  10. try 2 help

    it’s not necessarily part of life. it takes hard word to make it work and be dedicated to the cause. but, for your question, i don’t care about any celebrities personal life. it’s just that , their personal life.

  11. nicky
  12. Samson

    xenu works in mysterious ways

  13. Jii Borjal

    yes because tom cruise is single again! so i give a fuck!

  14. robin
  15. Comrade Good Looking

    No. Their relationship is none of my business.