Q&A: Do you think the marriage rate is dropping because of how high divorce rate is?

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Question by carbonnstar: Do you think the marriage rate is dropping because of how high divorce rate is?
I read an article recently that divorce rates were slowly dropping, and they think it has more to do with marriage rates dropping too.

Do you think that cohabitation is occurring at higher rates now..... and for longer periods of time...... because of the high divorce rate?

Do you think that couples that cohabitate usually end up getting married at some point in their lives... or that marriage is slowly disappearing in our society?

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Answer by Sookie Stackhouse
I think that people are becoming more self-centered and unwilling to put effort into anything that does not directly benefit themselves.

Marriage is "too hard"

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Researchers say the bad economy might partly explain why new marriages dropped 5% between 2009 and 2010 -- putting the number of married adults in America at...
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    Probably, because less people are actually bothering to marry, there would not be as many to get a divorce…though the problems they face are still the same, dividing up the money, visitation with the children they create, etc.etc.etc.

  2. Heather

    no it will always happen fools fall in love every minute

  3. groundhog

    It’s not about divorce. It’s about the guy losing everything to his ex (even if she had nothing to start with) after the fact. The risks are way too high.

  4. Xexx M

    Marriage will always be a part of society, no matter the statistic. This generation is definitely lazier, which I feel has more of an effect on cohabitation than the divorce rate does. The economy also has an effect on the marriage rate.

  5. SP777

    Marriage is disappearing because they don’t see why a piece of paper should make a difference on how serious they are. yes the divorce rate is dropping because less people are getting married. They wont a way to get out of it…the more people see others get divorced the more they feel that getting married is what makes the divorce start…


    Dear Buddy,

    Divorce rate has got nothing to do with the marriage rate.

    See the marriages are getting postponed for one reason or ther other (like after getting a decent job, after marrying of the girls at home (in case of a brother), higher studies and so on).

    Regards & May God Bless

    Senthil EG Iyappan

  7. Captain Obvious

    Yes.. more and more people are realizing that one size doesn’t fit all and NO.. they don’t have to get married just because its what most people do. They weight the costs and the benefits and decide its not worth it for them.

    Its better this way because they are probably the people who would end up getting divorced later.

  8. candi redd

    I think that people in today’s society found comfort in just cohabiting than making a real commitment to one another. There are not a lot of couples who are showing what a true marriage is suppose to be. Also a lot of young kids and adults look a celebrities and how that cohabitant for years or get marry 3 and 4 times less than 5 years put together. In my opinion marriage will slowly become a rare event among future generations.

  9. spiritedrinoa

    I actually read an interesting article in Time Magazine that talked about the Modern Marriage and its place in society these days. It did talk about the increase in cohabitation. I don’t think it’s occuring because of the higher divorce rate, but because cohabitation is considered more socially acceptable these days.

    They also mention the fact that part of it has to do with how our view of marriage is. Marriage rates in the lower classes are dropping and happening later in life because where marriage used to once be seen as something that was sort of a “beginning”, it’s now more of a “checkbox” type goal, and for people in lower classes, this might be one of the few “goals” that they are striving for, so they may put off marriage longer.

    I don’t think that marriage is disappearing in our society. It’s still alive and kicking. I do think that the majority of couples that cohabitate still end up married at some point down the line, just not as early in life. I think that as a society, our views and expectations of what marriage is and should be have simply changed.

  10. I don’t think marriage will disappear. Some people do want the commitment and challenges of marriage.

  11. maplesyrup

    We live in an ever increasing time of total, and very quick, convenience. People have expectations that they want met immediately, and if they aren’t, they choose to go elsewhere.

    Marriage is not quick, and not convenient.

    Marriage is also a religious institution, and, because people have so much more access to information about anything and everything, people are more closely questioning the validity of some aspects of religion, marriage being one of them.

    And as a last note, speaking from experience, I have heard more men from broken down marriages express to me that the woman changed, too often dramatically, and always negatively, from the person who they first fell in love with and wanted to be married to, than the other way around.

    Psychologists, theologians, the medical community, whomever, are free to debate the validity of that statement, but it’s so pervasive, there must be some truth to it.

  12. elronandfriends

    I believe that a lot of times, people get married for the wrong reason. In the beginning it sounds great, but then eventually reality catches up and the once happy couple who believes that they had everything in common, then realizes that they actually have nothing in common. They lose faith in each other, and then in most cases, the fighting and arguing begins, and then eventually, they can’t hold on any longer, and go their separate ways.

    I also personally believe, that in someway, the divorce rate does have an effect on the marriage rate. This is because people believe that if it has happened to one couple, what is it to say that it will not happen to them. They lose faith in the idea of marriage because they feel like if they do, they could possibly face a lot of hurt and pain. And the truth of the matter is that no one wants to be hurt, because once they are, it takes days, months, and sometimes years before they are ready to step back out into society.

    So to the person who said that the divorce rate doesn’t have anything to do with the marriage rate, in many cases, my friend, it could have A LOT to do with it.

  13. bjwill72961

    No I think the marriage rate is dropping Because some states Including Arkansas have this New Policy that before you can get Divorced you have to attend a Year of Marriage Counseling and then 6 months of Therapy afterwards. My Land lady and her Husband have only been married for 2 years 6 months. But she has Cleaned his bank account 4 times in that length of time. And we just found out they are seperated now. She told my husband that it is stupid trying to get a divorce. Because they have to spend over $ 2000 dollars on Counseling to figure out why they can no longer live together. Why go through all that she told us they are just going their seperate ways. No Counseling. And even though they are not together they can still clai each other as Married on Taxes and get their credit. Even though they file seperate.

  14. Bear

    Imo most people have come to view relationships as not being a long term relationship, but a loving relationship until it ends (something better comes along or they see the cheating/nasty side of the person they are with). Few people see marriage any longer as something that no matter what (other than being unfaithful) you work through. Marriage at times is hard work and it takes 100% commitment to make it. If a partner is unfaithful or otherwise can’t commit 100% plus fight to save the marriage, it will not work out. I think more people see the reality of how people conduct themselves and will date exclusively (until it ends), they don’t open the door for disappointment and divorce.

    I don’t think it’s a matter of increased cohabitation as much as marriage slowly disappearing because not that many people are willing to make that type of commitment or realize few others are…so why bother?

  15. BabeHart

    Some people do take divorce rates into consideration, but the biggest reason (I think) is just that the “need” for marriage isn’t the same as decades ago…many couples don’t feel the need to marry or find the legal benefits important enough to take that step…they can still live together and be ‘as if married’ without making it legal and in those US states that recognize ‘common law’ marriage, that’s an option for those who meet the requirements for that…

    Just a few decades ago a woman pretty much had to marry or she wouldn’t have much of a life…few women worked outside the home and most of those that did, didn’t earn enough to live off of…nowadays most women work and earn enough to be independent, so the reasons for marrying today are far different than they were for our parents or grandparents…