Q&A: Does anyone have any advice on a cheap way to do wedding programs?

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Question by Mrs. A-Berry: Does anyone have any advice on a cheap way to do wedding programs?
I don't want my wedding programs to look cheap, but I refused to spend hundreds on wedding program. I did my own wedding save the date and wedding invitation. But I need help with doing the programs.

Any Suggestion?

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Answer by alison
Here's a Simple DIY Wedding Program:
Here's a really pretty FAN wedding Program:

Hope those help :)

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wedding program
wedding programs

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  1. Getting Stronger Every Day

    My 2 cents is that I don’t believe they’re necessary — but i know they are important to some brides. What about some of the wedding invitation stationery – you could download a pretty script font and get an invitation that has a pretty vellum overla or something.

    Congrats and best wishes.

  2. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    my question to you is…

    “WHY do you need a wedding program?”

    it is unnecessary and over the top!

  3. Gabrielle

    Im doing as much as i can DIY for my wedding to save on money….I found a web site that has good ideas that you can do spin offs of their ideas


  4. Kristy

    Get another kit and print them yourself. Or, use fancy scrapbook papers. Or, buy a pack of printable cards and use those. Also, Staples has program paper for $ 15 for 50, they are 8.5″ X 11″ than fold in half, very easy.

    Good luck!

  5. Sophie B

    Something simple would do. Just a printed piece of paper with a colored cardstock as a mat.


  6. ♥Bride2B♥

    I got the cardstock from walmart. Comes in the office section in packs like printer paper, then I’m designing them on my computer and printing them out.
    Programs are only going to matter to those who want to keep them for memories, but everybody else won’t care what they look like, and so what, who’s paying for them?

    I’m also making little bookmarks with a thank you poem on them to go with the favors at the reception

  7. y2-y1

    Yes, don’t do them at all. Nobody really looks at them anyway.

  8. Diane G

    Congratulations on DIY wedding preparations! And all the best for your wedding.

    If you are handy on the computer or have a friend who is handy, format and print the programs at home on nice paper.

    I put the wording together for our wedding programs, my husband formatted the page set up so it printed both sides of the paper in 4 sections. (two pages to a side)
    The paper was A4 in size, folded in half, giving front, inside left, inside right and back.

    Front featured our names and the date plus the vellum roses.
    Inside left listed who was who.
    Inside right had what was happening.
    Back had the hymn’s wording.

    The paper itself was a decorative paper in an soft golden ivory. I used vellum tape to stick vellum paper featuring roses (in cream/gold) to the front lower quarter and used some Kindy glitz dotted to decorate the top corner.
    They looked lovely.

    The folding tool is very helpful in making a neat fold, so if you are doing your own programs, it is worth getting it. It costs about $ 10. for the tool.
    The vellum tape is $ 11. for the roll. For horizontal placements, only use on the upper edge and leave the lower edge open. For vertical placement, left and right edges need doing.
    A roller cutter, cutting board and ruler is very helpful in cutting a straight line for the vellum. (Some shops have the roller cutter and board available to use instore.)
    The paper itself cost about 70c a sheet and the vellum about $ 1.20 a sheet.

    I had to make 20 programs. The invitations and place cards were all made from the same papers, though the invites had ivory ribbon as well. I have to make up my thank you cards now.

    Have a look in your local art supplies and craft shops. In New Plymouth it was in an art supplies shop that I found the papers I used. There are a range of colours available.

    The webpages below are just to give you an idea of what is available or what to look for when you go looking for papers.

    All the best and good luck!

  9. amanda

    do you want a book type or just a single page?

    book type – find two different papers and use one as the cover and the other as the pages for all the info. after printing fold in half hole puch and use ribbon to tie together. If you are doing bubbles you could attach them to these. I’m still have the templet I used to do a friends and wouldn’t mind sending it to you. Just give me an email with program in the subject line. Amandamilliron@yahoo.com

    single page – buy the already to go ones and just print.

  10. melvernsun

    Go to Cropmom.com at http://www.cropmom.com and create your program using their scrapbooking graphics and word art. And if you want to put a photo on the program you can upload a high resolution image from your computer. It is easy and a print quality image is minimal probably less than $ 2. Then go to Costco or other photo finisher with your jpeg file and have it printed or print on your printer at home. It will look great.