Q&A: Gay Zodiac Question: What is a Capricorn guys best soul mate in the zodiac?

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Question by Lady GaGa: Gay Zodiac Question: What is a Capricorn guys best soul mate in the zodiac?
Hi i just wanted to know what is the best match for me my Birthday is on January 14,1995. Ima Capricorn
Btw i am a bottom in search of a top.

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Answer by March 24th
A gay taurus male.

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www.astrologykrs.com In India, matching horoscope Kundli is a very normal thing and a good one, too. The rate of people who get their horoscopes matches vs who don't have the lowest divorce rate in the world. However, this science of matching horoscope has it's myths & misconceptions as well. There is a certain method to looking at a horoscope than just a sun sign match or numerology love match. You must analyze both horoscope of people who want to get married and see how man's moon and venus is compare to the female's moon and Venus, not to mention looking at the ascendant is also an important thing. Two people with same ascendant can not have a good marriage. Same ascendant creates a small karmic pattern, which shows husband and wife will be going through the same ups and downs.
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  1. SaggiMC

    [What is a Capricorn guys best soul mate in the zodiac?] there is NO such thing for straight, gay, or anything inbetween….

    First you need to understand that you are NOT the sum total of your sun sign!. Newspaper and magazine astrology is nothing related to the proper astrology that Astrologers use, this is just a pinch of salt entertainment sort. What they do is put each sun sign conjunct the Ascendant and read where the 10 planets fall in any one of the 12 houses. So when you have got your free chart from astro.com you will know your Ascendant sign, then if you want use this type of recreational fun, then you would look up your Ascendant sign to stand any kind of chance of having those planets in the right houses for you…. These were invented for commercial reasons… If you cannot get past this idea of JUST sun signs, you will always stay a novice/astro virgin. Perhaps if you learn some of the basics in astrology this will help with your future questions

    You haven’t given enough information here and I shall explain why. When people post DATA, as in a list of planets in signs, it actually means very little. Why? well that’s ONLY 1/3 of the information needed to respond to you properly. Then some people post DATA/degrees of planets (slightly better) but then *no signs* these planets are in. Then some people post DATA/Degrees/ signs. What this does then, it requires ME (& other astrologers on here) to mentally calculate what mathematical aspects these planets are making to each other. Which is time consuming and unnecessary, when all that is needed is to SEE the natal chart PICTURE. Plus there is always missing data, especially Ascendant/Midheaven signs

    Please understand synastry (comparing two charts) does NOT work off SIGNS but mathematical aspects one chart makes to another. For example and opposition is 180’ a square 90’ sextile 60’ and trine 120’ its pure maths. What attracts you to another person is their ASCENDANT sign not Sun sign. This is the chemistry, lust and attraction factor. If you get your chart and find your Asc sign from astro.com then anyone’s sun sign that falls conjunct your Asc or in your first house is excellent as there would be so much in common. Also excellent if someone’s sun conjuncts your Descendant/marriage house. The angles are very sensitive in synastry. Astro is *THE* only site where you can even get these synastry bi wheels FREE of the net!!

    How to approach Synastry
    please read my thread above and do a little research, read my above thread and if you are still interested please make a new post WITH the correct charts. If you don’t have a correct TOB for the other person, just use 12noon, if you use TOB unknown then it won’t create a bi wheel….when copy/pasting link make sure you do *enter* after link. Do not make the mistake of copy/pasting from address bar as the links will disappear. Just remember your chart is a PICTURE.jpg not data. You can only get this quality of synastry bi wheel from ASTRO! With an aspect grid. No other site offers Free charts like these, so don’t even bother looking. If you are making the effort to get this synastry biwheel, please make the extra effort and get the aspect grid as in many ways its more important!!

    So there is little point in looking for astrological sun *signs* as there are too many permutations. In a male chart you would look at moon & venus, any planets in 7th house, then sign/planet that rules that house. In a female chart you would look at sun & mars, then any planets in 7th house and then sign/planet that rules this house. You would NOT look for the SIGN that rules your 7th house, only the traits of that sign. Also for 2nd marriage/partner you look to 9th house,3rd marriage/partner would be 11th house and 4th partner 1st house.

    Misconceptions about what astrology can do
    perhaps this thread will help you understand a little more