Q&A: How can I meet the Ghost Adventure crew while on my honeymoon in Vegas?

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Question by April Colon: How can I meet the Ghost Adventure crew while on my honeymoon in Vegas?
We are going to honeymoon in Las Vegas in early 2014 a few months after our marriage in June 2013. The one thing that would make my honeymoon besides my new hubby would be to meet the Ghost Adventure crew and just get a signed Vegas t-shirt. I am not a fanatic, but really enjoy the show. How can I arrange this?

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Answer by cpcii
1. Find out where they will be with your here, who knows if that show will still be on the air or even in Las Vegas when you get here, they tour the whole country filming, chances of them being here in that month is pretty slim in my expectations - but I've been wrong before. Given that they are there to work and film what ever they are trying to catch, they probably won't want to be disturbed.

2. Contact the production company and find out if they have an open set so you can visit them (you also contact the production company to find out where they are).

2a. They should have a website where you can contact them and find this information out. (or the station that airs them in your area). You can also buy them from their site generally or have a link to the site that does sell them.

3 Good luck.

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