Q&A: How do I clean woodcarvings?

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Question by Dianna B: How do I clean woodcarvings?
While cleaning out my parents home I came across 2 handcarved bookends, made in Mexico, each one in the shape of a man wearing a sombrero and taking a siesta. They were a wedding gift to my parents so they are approximately 80 years old. The only color on the carvings is the paint used to color the serapes the men wear, and I believe the rest of the wood has been lightly stained. I would like to clean them - gently - and bring up the color a little bit, but I have no idea how do to it. Can anyone help?

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Answer by ♥TayLee♥
I would take them somewhere and have them cleaned. I wouldn't risk ruining such keep sakes.

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  1. Ann S

    Murphys Oil Soap is the best wood cleaner ever invented. Mix according to directions, take a clean cloth and wet it, squeeze out excess and wipe your wood. Wonderful stuff, great on hardwood floors too!.